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Disney's Hollywood Studios Refresh

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    Re: Disney's Hollywood Studios Refresh

    Love the ideas on DHS. I think we can make two totally different lands for Indiana Jones and Star Wars. They are both big enough film powers to support their own lands. I want to zero in on the Star Wars portion though. I think they should put in a indoor dueling coaster featuring the chase scene from IV; I think we should have TIE Fighters and X-Wings dueling. And yes, indoors, because you can make it seem like space and you can add theme and visual/audio effects.

    Next, I think we need a replica of the cantina. Everything should be the same; the design, the layout, even the band (not all the time though; that song is annoying). Have some of the characters sit like they are actual visitors too; it will add to the feeling of being in the Star Wars universe. Finally, add a moving simulator (like on a track) moving through all the important scenes of the saga. And have it be housed in the spaceport on Tatooine. Keep Star Tours and Jedi Training Academy.