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"it's a small world" BGM Frustration

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  • [Chat] "it's a small world" BGM Frustration

    I am angry about the "it's a small world" queue music. I want to know why it was shortened and who made this awful decision to change it. I have been trying to get past it but I have had enough. The music sounds roughly cut and has no variation compared ito its California, Paris and Hong Kong counterparts. I also feel bad for the CMs that have to work this attraction and hear the same 40 seconds of music for 8 hours. The queue music is my favorite part of the attraction and I want it restored to its post 2005 refurb glory. Thank you for listening to my rant.
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    Re: "it's a small world" BGM Frustration

    I used to work there. I never heard the music. I might just be really good at tuning things out though. That said, they shouldn't have shortened it. It really doesn't make any sense on any level, unless someone high up just really really likes that section and wants to hear it every time they ride it. Who am I kidding? The high ups don't even know "it's a small world." They only know it as the singing doll ride.
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      Re: "it's a small world" BGM Frustration

      Not sure, but typical WDW management
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