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One crazy day at WDW


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  • [Question] One crazy day at WDW

    Hi guys

    I'm staying at the Disney Swan for an conference, and I'll have free time this Wednesday and Thursday. I'm a poor student, but I've come a long way so I want to visit the parks.

    I'm looking for tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most out of a very short visit. I'll either get a 1 day park hopper, or two days of after-2pm tickets. What do people suggest?

    I'm a fit young adult planning to literally run around the parks, and I'm willing to forgo eating to see as much as I can.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: One crazy day at WDW

    Since you'll be staying at the Swan, you'll be right in between Epcot and the Studios. Definitely check out Epcot.

    Do counter service places for food as it's cheaper... bring your own bottled water into the parks to save money on drinks (the water at drinking fountains at Epcot tastes normal... the ones at MK are nasty). If you need a soda kick, stop at Club Cool at Epcot to sample Coke products from around the world.


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      Re: One crazy day at WDW

      I've been able to hit all four WDW parks in a day before. My family doesn't carry APs but we come in possession of park hoppers pretty often and always try to make the most of them when we do. Here's our typical plan:

      1. Animal Kingdom (it closes first so hit it first)--do Dinosaur and Everest's single rider. If you have to check out the safari, get a FP for it, do those two rides, then go on the safari.

      2. DHS--there's a good chance there wont be any FPs for Toy Story Mania by now, but you have to skip it to make the most of all the parks. Get a FP for Tower of Terror. Hit up single rider for Rock n Roller Coaster, and go on Star Tours and The Great Movie Ride. Then use your ToT FP.

      3. Epcot--this one's tricky. We always like to do Spaceship Earth. Soarin will have a huge line and no FP's. And since the Test Track refurb, that will also have a decent line. You should be able to walk on Mission Space and get on single riders for Test Track. OR you could walk around the countries briefly and if you need to eat, I would do it here for sure.

      4. Magic Kingdom--it's beautiful at night but it also has the most rides so you can budget what you'll experience the best here, considering now you have a set time limit (between when you arrive and when it closes). The FPs will be gone but the later the park gets (especially after fireworks) the emptier the park gets and lines become very manageable. This is where you just do what you want and have fun

      This usually always works. It can be exhausting but since you are by yourself it could be a lot easier. No matter what though, you'll have fun. It's Disney World! Have a great time!


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        Re: One crazy day at WDW

        if i were you, i would go with the 2 day park hopper if you can. that way right after whatever conference time you have to go to you can hit the parks and see as much as possible. hit AK, Epcot, DHS on your day with the most time and Epcot MK on your day with less time. the epcot portion on the longer day can serve as a break period between the two parks where in particular you can visit the world showcase and get a lot of high quality counter service food options. hopefully the thursday is your longer day as there is a 10 pm showing of fantasmic you can end off on and AK should be less early in the mid/late afternoon when you will be there. also there is the ferry between dhs and epcot but if your fit and looking to save time walk the bike path from boardwalk along the river to DHS and youll be there in less then thirty on a good power walk. having epcot/MK on the day with less time should be good because you have the monorail transportation between the two and you can go back and forth rather quickly if you want to see more of one then the other. also MK is open until 11 so you have that late night element as well. hope that helps.


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          Re: One crazy day at WDW

          Since you're there for a limited time, I would actually avoid Animal Kingdom, since there really isn't a whole lot to see there, while there is so much to do in the other three parks.

          The beauty of where you are staying is that you practically do have easy access to 3 of the 4 parks. You have the boat access between Studios & Epcot, and you can go over to Epcot & ride the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

          But if I could offer you one piece of advice: Don't rush too much going from point A to point B. You will burn out quicker and perhaps over exert yourself. Literally, stop and smell the roses while you're there at Epcot with the Flower & Garden festival. Well, kind of literally.

          Depending on what days you go, you can probably do Hollywood Studios in about half a day. If you want thrill rides & fun, but want to avoid things that will eat up your time, then at Hollywood go to Aerosmith, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Toy Story Mania if the line isn't too long. Going on the back stage tour during this trip could use up valuable limited time. Well that is as much as I can say at this time with what little I know of your trip.

          One last pointer I can offer is which rides get the longest lines and run out of Fast Pass the quickest. At Magic Kingdom, those would be Space & Splash Mountains. At Epcot, those are Soarin Over California and Test Track. And at Hollywood Studios, Aerosmith, Toy Story Mania, and perhaps Tower of Terror. Those are all ones you either need to hit when the park opens, or get Fast Pass early. Keeping in mind that ALL Fast Passes are not accepting late arrivals (after the last listed on the pass) unless the ride is temporarily down during the return time.

          If I could have an idea of what your itinerary is, I could offer more info. Take it from a guy who's a pro at "running" the parks at a fast pace, who also knows how to slow it down as well. Just give me an idea what your schedule might be and I can be of more help.
          "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children." - Walter Elias Disney


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            Re: One crazy day at WDW

            Check out the new Test Track. But you should visit Sea World and Universal. They are at the moment, kicking Disney's butts in new attractions
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              Re: One crazy day at WDW

              Get the 2 days after 2 pm tickets, you'll need two days to get the most out of the trip.

              Find out which day Magic Kingdom is open the latest and head to Epcot first on that day. Grab a fastpass for Soarin' (if it still has any) or the new Test Track, then wander the park and ride whatever else interests you. It's also the flower and garden festival at the moment, so you're gonna want to take a trip around the world. Then, head to MK and enjoy your night! Hopefully the park will be open till 12 or 1, you'll absolutely be able to see everything then. Make sure you catch Wishes!

              The other day I'd say go strictly to Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom has a couple GREAT attractions, but Hollywood has far more to do and they tend to close up between 7 and 8. Whatever you do, don't miss Fantasmic. It's my favorite attraction in any of the parks and one of the best live shows Disney has ever put on.

              Have fun!


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