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KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05


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  • KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

    In case any of you haven't heard already, I finally made it to WDW! Here is my trip report, complete with pictures! :csmile:

    Day One: Magic Kingdom (11/12/05)

    I arrived Saturday afternoon, November 12, 2005, after spending one night in Savannah, GA on the way. This was also my 1st trip inside Georgia as well as Florida, and Savannah is a beautiful city! Didn't have time to do much in Savannah, except for some sightseeing and dinner at Lady & Sons restaurant. This restaurant is run by Paula Deen from Food Network. Though hard to believe, getting PS for breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table was a piece of cake compared to getting a dinner reservation at Lady & Sons!!!!! :ceek: There, you have to get in line (that spans the entire block!) outside the restaurant about 4 hours in advance, then come back about 20 minutes before your dinner reservation to get seated.

    We arrived at WDW about 3:30pm Saturday (my parents and myself), but my room at Coronado Springs wasn't avaliable until a little after 5pm (running over an hour late). Since we were running late, we went to the Magic Kingdom for a little while, to eat at Pinocchio's Village Haus and watch Spectromagic; which is INCREDIBLE, with all the lights and floats!

    Here are several pics I took from the parade:

    SpectroMagic opening float

    Spectro Mickey

    the Three Little Pigs

    the carousel SpectroMagic float

    After the parade, we went back to the hotel room for a good night's rest.

    Next up, breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table :csmile:
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    Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

    Day two, part one: Breakfast in the castle! (11/13/05)

    Sunday morning, we had PS at Cinderella's Royal Table at 8:50am. Cinderella was in the lobby greeting guests, who were in line for a meet & greet session and a picture. I had a great time with Cindy, and she pointed out the Christmas tree in the lobby, which she said she helped decorate with Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother. After that, we went upstairs to the dining hall.

    The breakfast was absolutely delicious, perhaps the best tasting breakfast we had at WDW! The downside was the extremely limited menu, as all guests get the same pre-plated meal. Nevertheless, this breakfast is fit for any prince or princess! :cwink:

    Inside the dining hall were Belle, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Snow White, and Mary Poppins. Of the princesses at this meal, Snow White was the most adorable! There were lots of little girls in princess dresses there, and even noticed 3 boys dressed as princes; 2 as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty and 1 as Prince Charming from Cinderella.

    Belle at CRT

    Snow White at CRT

    Mary Poppins at CRT

    Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and me, at CRT

    Here is Main Street, already dressed up for the Christmas holidays!

    the statues of Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse, sitting on a bench

    Next up, Disney-MGM and La Lucci in all her glory! :csmile:


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      Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

      Day two, part two: Disney-MGM and ABC Super Soap Weekend (11/13/05)

      After breakfast we went to Disney-MGM, where ABC Soap Weekend was being held. Disney-MGM was horribly crowded, and the layout is almost like a maze!

      This is me with the Walt Disney head bust at Disney-MGM

      Unfortunately, all the Fastpasses for autograph/greet sessions with the soap stars were gone by then (sold out in about 20 minutes after the park opened!), but we did get to see an entire interview with Susan Lucci in the park's hub behind the Fantasia hat. She rode in and out of the interview stage in a convertable with Minnie; just a little over an armslength from where we were standing!

      Susan Lucci, known to soap fans as Erica Kane, arrives with Minnie as part of the ABC Super Soap Weekend festivities!

      We then went to MuppetVision 3-D, The Great Movie Ride, and Star Tours before out 5:35pm PS at Sci-Fi Theatre. This is one of the coolest places to eat there, especially with the 1950's movie clips on the movie screen! After dinner, there was a grand finale for ABC soap weekend, with the stars arriving in cars with characters to the stage. Heather Tom (Kelly on One Life to Life, and former Victoria on The Young and the Restless) was absolutely beautiful in person (as she rode by), and rode with Chip. After the grand finale for ABC Soap Weekend, we watched Fantasmic (which was absolutely mind-blowing!), and went to Voyage of the Little Mermaid and The Magic of Disney Animation afterward.

      Here are a couple of pics from the finale to the Fantasmic! show.

      Next up, breakfast at 1900 Park Faire in the Grand Floridian! :csmile:


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        Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

        Day three, part one: breakfast at 1900 Park Faire (11/14/05)

        My third day started with breakfast at 1900 Park Faire, in the Grand Floridian. Let's start with a couple of pics of the Grand Floridian's impressive lobby:

        Mary Poppins was in 1900 Park Faire's lobby greeting guests (in her red outfit instead of the white outfit she wore at CRT), but we stopped by her on the way out since we were running late. Inside the dining hall were
        Alice, the Mad Hatter, Pooh, and Tigger.

        Alice was so sweet, and we had a nice conversation with Alice about going to EPCOT after breakfast!

        The Mad Hatter was nearly as wild as he was in the movie, and noticed that I had tea with my breakfast (his favorite beverage!), but after noticing I was driking iced tea he suggested that someday I try hot tea, which was "much better" in his opinion!

        me with Tigger

        Tigger even gave my mom a kiss when he showed up! Pooh was adorable, and Mary Poppins was outstanding, though VERY talkative!

        She even asked if I could say Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious backwards. I answered I wasn't quite sure and she resposnded, "It's Suoicodalaipxecitsiligarfalacrepus, but isn't that going to far?" I responded with "WAY too far!" :lol: :roll:

        Here are a couple of carousel animal inside 1900 Park Faire's dining hall

        This is the horse carriage that sits outside the Grand Floridian

        Next up, EPCOT's Future World :csmile:


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          Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

          Day three, part two: EPCOT's Future World (11/14/05)

          Our day at EPCOT started with Spaceship Earth, which is one of the coolest rides in all of WDW!

          After riding Spaceship Earth, we went to Innoventions. Most of what they had here (in both buildings) appeared more like a trade show than a theme park attraction, so we skipped over half of what they had here. They did have a neat game where a large group of guests build their own spaceship and race it against each others, and I came in 3rd place! :cwink: Also, there were a couple of people that showed guests how paper was made, which I found quite interesting. Next up was lunch at Coral Reef, which was great, though I was quite disappointed that The Living Seas was closed. Next up was The Land; where we watched Circle of Life, road the Land's ride (the boat ride with the greenhouses in the back). We tried to get on Soarin' after that (and even again on Thursday, our 2nd day at EPCOT), but had a long wait (60+ minutes on standby) and all FastPasses were out for the ride (both this day and Thursday). We then had lunch at Coral Reef, with a seat by huge aquarium tank! The food there was out of this world, the scenery even better, and we had a great waiter named Alejandro.

          This is the Finding Nemo topiary, found outside The Living Seas

          We then went to ride Journey Into Imagination, and then headed for ImageWorks. The Journey Into Imagination ride was something else, and Figment was especially memorable! However, it did seem watered down since Dreamfinder is no longer on the ride. Also, the current group of ImageWorks attractions/exhibits pales considerably in comparison to the original ImageWorks offerings (I have read about the old JII in books and on the Internet), but still a lot of fun! It would be great if the would reopen the old ImageWorks upstairs, complete with the Rainbow Corridor!

          After JII, we went to ride Universe of Energy. The Jeopardy! parody at the beginning and end of the ride was hilarious! After that, we decided to retire for the evening and heade back to the hotel room to relax and recharge our batteries after a long day of walking around EPCOT's Future World.and all of the Earth's attractions except for Soarin'; which we didn't get to see due to the insanely long lines (60 minutes or more), and Soarin' had run out of FastPasses both days we were at EPCOT!

          Here's a great shot of the fountain outside the Journey Into Imagination pavillion!

          Next up, Animal Kingdom :csmile:


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            Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

            Day four, part one: Animal Kingdom (11/15/05)

            Tuesday was our Animal Kingdom day. This day started off with Donald's Breakfastosarus in the park. This was a great breakfast, with good service, good variety of food on the buffet, and the characters were great! Donald was there of course, joined by Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto. Pluto was the 1st character at our table, followed by Donald, then Goofy, and finally Mickey!

            Here's me with Donald at Donald's Breakfastosarus

            the Tree of Life

            the small statuettes of Donald, with his three nephews; Huey, Dewey, and Louie

            Here's a HILARIOUS pic of me with Pluto! :lol: :roll:

            Festival of the Lion King is, without a doubt, the best attraction of any kind in Animal Kingdom, and would tie with Fantasmic! in first place of the shows I attended at WDW! The show is presensted in a "theater in the round" (guests sit in a circle surrounding the main stage), and participate greatly in the action of the show.

            These are our pics from Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, taken in Africa near the queue for Kilamanjaro Safaris, where the parade route actually starts! This was perhaps the best spot anywhere in Animal Kingdom for watching this parade.

            This is opening float to Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, which was in fact the opening performance of the Christmas edition of Jammin' Jungle Parade!

            Mickey Mouse

            King Louie from The Jungle Book

            one of the "puppets", for lack of a better term (not sure what these are actually called) from the parade

            Here's Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear. Brer Rabbit even shook hands with me as he passed by! :yea:

            Kilamanjaro Safaris was really something as well, but taking pics can be a bit tricky due to animal behavior and how fast the vehicles are going by.

            Here a a couple of alligators, as seen from the Kilamanjaro Safari ride

            a flock of flamingos, also from Kilamanjaro Safari

            The world's laziest lion! Seen from Kilamanjaro Safari

            Next up, more from Animal Kingdom!
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              Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

              Day four, part two: Animal Kingdom (11/15/05)

              Right after the Kilamanjaro Safari, we took the train ride to Rafiki's Planet Watch, where we stopped by Conservation Station. Here, we met Rafiki from The Lion King, Pocahontas, and even Stanley from the Playhouse Disney cartoon (who I am just about sure was a random character there!).

              While greeting with Pocahontas, I mentioned that in the Circle of Life film at EPCOT's The Land, it was mentioned that more and more people are learning the lessons presented in her stage show (Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends); such as protecting wildlife, working to preserve forests, and caring more for the environment. Her eyes lit up and widened, and she said "I know, that's WONDERFUL!" with a huge smile! :cgrin:

              Dinner was at Rainforest Cafe by the Animal Kingdom entrance. This is one of the coolest restaurants in all of WDW, with the entire restaurant designed as a tropical rainforest! The food was great too.

              This is the dining hall at Rainforest Cafe, with a great shot of the aquarium!

              After dinner, we went to see It's Tough to Be a Bug (a really cute show, IMHO), and then headed to DinoLand USA. DinoLand was a nice standout from the rest of the Animal Kingdom theme park, designed much like a boardwalk amusement park or a county pair, complete with Midway-type games seen at such places. Primeval Whirl was a fun ride, as were TriceroTop Spin and Dinosaur, though the Dinosaur ride itself was a bit on the jerky side for me.

              Here I am with the ever-michievious Stitch, in Animal Kingdom near Rainforest Cafe and the park entrance.

              Next up, my first full day inside the Magic Kingdom! :csmile:


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                Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                Day five: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

                Wednesday was out first full Magic Kingdom day. We had been to the MK briefly Saturday night and Sunday morning, but this was out first full day in this park. Several characters were doing greets in Town Square that morning, such as Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale, but the lines were very long. However, I REALLY lucked up on one that morning! Outside the Opera House (where the Town Square Exposition Hall is located), Peter Pan came right out in front of me, turned to me, and said "Hello there!" :wave: With the exception of character meals (where the characters normally come to your table), I had to wait in line to greet characters, so this was amazing! We chatted for a minute or 2, and I remember asking him how Tinker Bell was doing, he said she was doing great, and that "she and Wendy were watching over the Lost Boys" then. He the proceeded to sign my autograph book, and posed for a picture.

                horse carriage on Main Street

                a GREAT view of Cinderella's Castle from Main Street

                After looking through shops on Main Street, we then headed for Fantasyland, where we rode the Carousel, Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White's Adventures, and watched Mickey's Philharmagic-- the latter of which was amazing, especially when seen in 3-D!

                Cinderella's Golden Carousel in Fantasyland

                This is Pooh's 100 Acre Wood play area. Is it just me, or does the 100 Acre Wood tree bear a striking resemblance to Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life? :cwink:

                Here's the Magic Kingdom's Christmas Tree

                Next was Liberty Square (which I really loved, so quaint and charming!) where we went to see The Hall of Presidents. The animatronic presidents were so lifelike it was almost unreal! I did notice that the current Hall of Presidents show seemed to focus on the fact that once not ALL American's had full rights (such as blacks, Native Americans, and to a certain extent, women) that everyone else had, with Abraham Lincoln adressing this issue that everyone should have a share in these rights in part of his speech.

                The Liberty Bell in Liberty Square

                Next up, Next up, more fun in the Magic Kingdom, including the Big Cheese himself! :cgrin:
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                  Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                  Day five, part two: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

                  3 Wild Animals! Baloo, King Louie, and me!!! :lol: :roll:

                  At 1:15pm, we headed back to Main Street, for a Lunch PS at Tony's Town Square restaurant. Here, out waiter took one of my autograph books back to get "paw print" autographs from Lady & the Tramp! After Lunch, we spotted Pinocchio and Geppetto out in front of Tony's. Pinocchio was simply adorable, and Geppetto even picked up an umbrella I was carrying with me, swinging it like a baseball bat. My Dad asked Geppetto "looks like your a baseball fan!", to which he nodded very enthusiastically.

                  Me with Geppetto, outside Tony's Town Square Restaurant

                  After lunch, we headed for Mickey's Toontown Fair, where we stopped by Mad Tea Party (one of my personal favorites in the MK), then arrived at Toontown Fair, where we rode Goofy's Barnstormer, visited Mickey and Minnie's Houses, and then headed for the Judge's Tent, where all 3 of us met Mickey. (again!)

                  Minnie's House in Toontown Fair

                  Mickey's House.

                  Me with Mickey, in the Judge's Tent at Mickey's Toontown Fair.

                  Next up, the Share a Dream Come True Parade! :csmile:


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                    Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                    Day five, part three: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

                    Around 2:45pm that day, we headed back to Main Street to watch the Share a Dream Come True Parade. The parade started shortly after 3pm that day. This parade was a lot of fun to watch and so magical in the Disney tradition. Here are some pics from the Share a Dream Come True Parade:

                    the Mickey snowglobe float, aka "It All Started By a Mouse"

                    the dancing broomsticks behind the Mickey float

                    the Pinocchio float

                    a great shot of the Blue Fairy, with Geppetto!

                    A large group of characters march by, with Robin Hood leading the way.

                    Peter Pan reminded me earlier that day to keep an eye out for him in the SADCT parade, and it turned out the VERY SAME Peter was in this parade, who pointed me out in the crowd (I was in the front) and waved! :wave:

                    the Cinderella float, with a great shot of the Fairy Godmother!

                    the three good faries from Sleeping Beauty; Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

                    Next up was back to Frontierland, for the Country Bears Christmas Jamboree, which was HILARIOUS!, especially Big Al and his really BAD singing and guitar picking! :lol: :roll:

                    After that, we tried our hand at the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade, and then to Adventureland, where we rode Pirates of the Carribean, and then Magic Carpets of Aladdin. POTC simply was awesome; one of the best rides/attractions in the Magic Kingdom and all of WDW for that matter, with an ever-catchy tune that's nearly impossible to get out of your head, "Yo Ho Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me!" :cgrin: :cwink:

                    Finally, it was time for the fireworks above the castle. Turns out we really lucked out that night, and were treated to a sneak preview of the Holiday Wishes fireworks show, which was great, and even had Tinker Bell flying by in a red and green lighted outfit! :clap:

                    Next up, dinner at Chef Mickey's! :csmile:


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                      Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                      Day five, part four: dinner at Chef Mickey's (11/16/05)

                      After the fireworks was a late dinner a Chef Mickey's. Donald was greeting guests by the buffet; while Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale were stopping by the guests tables in the dining hall. The character interaction at Chef Mickey's was the best ANYWHERE at WDW, not just character meals, but all of WDW! All the characters stopped by our table more that once; after finishing up all the tables they started all over again. Minnie showed up four times at our table, and even gave me a kiss the first time she stopped by! Dale even gave me a BIG bear hug his first time at our table, like he was REALLY glad to see me or something! :lol::roll:

                      Yours truly, with Chef Mickey himself!

                      with Minnie

                      with Chef Goofy

                      with Chip

                      and with a VERY excited Dale! :lol: :roll:

                      The food as Chef Mickey's was outstanding, and the parmesian mashed potatoes were out of this world! In fact, I'd rather have a serving the parmesian mashed potatoes than some of the things offered for dessert at Chef Mickey's, or just about any restaurant at WDW! :cwink:

                      Next up, World Showcase at EPCOT :csmile:


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                        Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                        Day six: EPCOT's World Showcase (11/17/05)

                        Thursday was our second EPCOT day, this time covering World Showcase, which is the best part of EPCOT, IMHO. Our day started with the Princess Storybook breakfast at Akershus in Norway. I posted more about this, and comparing to our CRT breakfast on the Hotel & Restaurants forum here on WDWMagic. The Princess Storybook breakfast at Akershus really pales in comparison to the Once Upon a Time breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. For instance, the food was nowhere near as good at CRT, character interaction was quite rushed, and the dining hall was VERY loud and noisy. CRT, OTOH was the quietest character meal we attended on our trip, with much better food, character interaction, and service.

                        At Akershus, Belle (wearing her yellow ballroom dress instead of her usual blue dress), Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, and Mulan circulated the dining hall, greeting guests at their tables. The best thing about Princess Storybook Breakfast was getting to meet Mulan, in fact, she and Snow White gave the best character interaction on our trip!

                        with Mulan at Akershus in Norway

                        the Norway pavillion

                        After breakfast, we rode Malestrom (an AWESOME ride!), which is a Viking-themed boat ride through Norway. Next up was Mexico, where we Rode El Rio Del Tiempo, which was a pleasant ride as well. In China, we ran into Mulan (again!), as we was on her way to a break from character greets. Passing by, she said "Hi again, see you real soon!"





                        We worked our way around the rest of World Showcase, clockwise; heading next for Germany, Italy, the American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, and finally Canada. The American Adventure show was awesome (perhaps my favorite attraction at World Showcase), and the Voices of Liberty singing group (in the preshow) was VERY talented!

                        The American Adventure

                        The Voices of Liberty singing group performs in The American Adventure preshow.


                        Morocco had an absolutely beautiful pavillion, with the architectural design and colorful tiles used on the walls and floors.

                        The World Showcase Lagoon

                        At China, France, and Canada, we watched the circlevision theater shows about their respective nations, which were quite unique, and nothing like I have ever seen before.


                        with Belle and the Beast, in France


                        United Kingdom

                        The British Invasion band at the United Kingdom pavillion was very talented indeed, and even sounded EXACTLY like The Beatles when singing their songs! After finishing up all of World Showcase's attractions, we had a PS at Rose & Crown in the United Kingdom. I ordered the fish & chips, with a chocolate Guiness cake for dessert. The food at Rose & Crown wasn't just good, it was great! Also, we had an OUTSTANDING waitress named Lucy there. We were seated in a semi-outdoor area by the lagoon, which is a great spot for watching Illimnations, which we watched during our dinner. This is an awesome fireworks show, especially with the rotating TV screen globe. In the Illuminations finale, the globe splits into several segments, revealing a torch in the top, where a million fireworks shoot out of! :cgrin:

                        Here are a couple of pics of the Illuminations TV screen globe, taken from the back porch of Rose & Crown in the UK pavillion area.

                        After dinner and Illuminations, we tried to get on Soarin' (again), which had a 60 minute wait and had already ran out of FastPasses for that day. On the way out of EPCOT that night, we ran in to Stitch (whom we had met earlier in Animal Kingdom), and Aladdin. Aladdin was very personable, and even gave us directions on how to get back to our car in the parking lot, in case the tram wasn't running (it was running, BTW).

                        hanging out with Aladdin near the EPCOT entrance area

                        Before we left EPCOT for the night, Aladdin reminded my Father to "take care of his Princess" (my Mother)! :ghug:

                        Next up, back to the Magic Kingdom! :csmile:
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                          Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                          Day seven: The Magic Kingdom (11/18/05)

                          Friday was our second Magic Kingdom day, and our last full day at WDW. It started off with breakfast at The Crystal Palace, which had one of the best breakfast buffets at WDW! Inside the dining hall were Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. The character interaction here was great, not quite as good at Chef Mickey's, but pretty close, though the characters at Crystal Palace only stopped by once here.

                          with Pooh at The Crystal Palace

                          with Piglet

                          with Eeyore

                          with Tigger

                          After breakfast, we headed to Fantasyland to ride it's a small world, which was absolutely adorable, and MUCH more fun to watch than listening to the song! I really hate that people often cut down and ridicule this ride. Then, it was back to Liberty Square, to ride The Haunted Mansion and to check out some of the shops we missed Wednesday. The Haunted Mansion was great, and was in fact far more comical than frightening!

                          Next, we watched Cinderellabration, which was incredible, especially with the fireworks shot off after Cinderella is crowned a princess! WDW should keep this show even after the Happiest Celebration On Earth is over!

                          a photo from the Cinderellabration show, on the castle stage

                          outside Tony's Town Square Restaurant with a real live boy, Pinocchio!

                          Then it was back to Main Street to check out a few more shops, and the off to Tomorrowland. The first attraction we visited in Tomorrowland was Stitch's Great Escape, which was cute, but I wouldn't go out of my way to ride it again. Next up was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which gave us a pleasant ride through of Tomorrowland. The best part was the ride through of rides such as Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain! After that, we rode Buzz Lightyear and Carousel of Progress. Carousel of Progress was AWESOME, and perhaps my favorite ride/attraction in Tomorrowland so far! I can't believe Disney would even want to get rid of this, as it was rumored not long ago! :bang:

                          Next up was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, which I really enjoyed, and scored 86,500 points! We skipped Astro-Oribter and Space Mountain, due to very long lines. In fact, Space Mountain had a very similar situation to Soarin', with a 60+ minute wait in the line and had run out of FastPasses for the day.

                          We then headed for Adventureland, first to the Enchanted Tiki Room show (which was really something, even though it wasn't the original!), and then to the Jungle Cruise. Jungle Cruise had a long wait, so we opted for a FastPass (the only one were really needed on our trip). While waiting for our ride time on the Jungle Cruise, we spotted Peter Pan (again) and Wendy Darling nearby. Before getting to them in line, we asked the CM with the if/when Captain Hook was appearing. She said he wouldn't be appearing that day (which I was disappointed with), but I had a great time with Peter and Wendy. Peter did most of the talking, but Wendy asked where was I from, which I told her (Greensboro, NC). She responded with "that's quite far from here!". Peter asked "did you fly here?". I said we drove, and he said "I bet you played a lot of games on the way, like the Lost Boys would!" He then asked if I rode Peter Pan's Flight yet, I said I did, and that it was FUN! :cgrin:

                          We then posed for a photo and autograph from both of them. I then told Wendy "you ARE darling! She really got a kick out of that comment, and Peter said "you're right about that!" :cgrin: :cwink:

                          Next was back to Frontierland, to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which turned out to be one of favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom, and all of WDW for that matter! Splash Mountain was closed for a rehab, which I found quite diappointed. Before leaving the park for good on our last day, we rode The Many Adventures on Winnie the Pooh and then Dumbo. Pooh was a great ride, especially the part where Tigger bounced through. (the ride cars bounce with him!) Dumbo was a lot of fun as well, very much like Triceratops Spin which we rode in Animal Kingdom Tuesday and Magic Carpets of Aladdin that we rode in Adventureland Wednesday. In fact, Dumbo was probably my favorite of the 3, and one of the rides I really wanted to ride before arriving at WDW!

                          Dumbo at dusk

                          City Hall at night

                          After leaving the Magic Kingdom, it was dinner at The Pepper Market in Coronado Springs. I ordered Fettucini with regular tomato paste sauce, and a sample of Alfredo sauce, given to me in a cup to try. The Alfredo sauce wasn't bad at all, especially having tried it for the 1st time ever!

                          Next up, time to say goodbye.
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                            Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                            Day 7: (11/19/05)

                            A parting shot, outside my room at Coronado Springs. Time to say goodbye. So long for now, but really looking forward to the next time! :csmile:

                            Upon leaving WDW and Orlando, we took a ride down US 1 to get a look at some of the beaches in Florida. We stopped for breakfast at McDonald's in Daytona Beach, and then stopped by the St. Augustine Beach Lighthouse. We only stopped in the lighthouse's museum and gift shop, due to lack of time and having to pay a charge to actually go out to the lighthouse. From what we could see, the St. Augustine lighthouse was a beautiful lighthouse, and in fact looked VERY similar to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse not far from where I live, especially with the black and white spirals!

                            That night, we stopped at the Best Western at Fredererica Beach, FL (not one of the chain's better motels, to say the least!). Then, early Sunday morning, it was on the long ride back home after our 9-day vacation, which was without a doubt THE best vacation I have EVER been on in my entire 32 years of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cgrin: :thumbup: :yea: :yea: :cwink:

                            If anyone has more questions or comments, please feel free to post! I look forward to hearing from you! :csmile:


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                              Re: KentB3's Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05

                              Excellent report with some great pics!
                              It really captured the spirit of WDW and your enjoyment came across, which made it a great read.
                              I can never get enough character pics, so thanks again!

                              "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
                              Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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