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I'm going to Disney World!

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  • [Fun] I'm going to Disney World!

    This will be my fifth trip (not including when I did the College Program there). I haven't been since 2008, so it feels very overdue to me!

    It's a very last minute trip, we just booked it and we arrive on August 9th, but it doesn't seem to be an issue. We're staying in the Art of Animation Lion King suites which I am incredibly excited about because The Lion King is my favorite movie ever, pretty much.

    So far I've made ADRs for Kona Cafe for breakfast, Whispering Canyon Cafe, and Biergarten. I'd like to try and go to Hollywood Derby for the cobb salad at lunch without an ADR, which may be impossible, but maybe I'll get lucky.

    I'm welcome to any suggestions you all may have-- I love the planning process

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    Re: I'm going to Disney World!

    Awesome!!! Have fun.

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      Re: I'm going to Disney World!

      Thank you! I'm so excited (I currently have 5 Disney related tabs open on the internet).


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        Re: I'm going to Disney World!

        No suggestions right now, but just want to say congratulations, and I'm really, REALLY jealous. Have a great time.

        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Re: I'm going to Disney World!

          Thanks guys!

          I've been checking every day and calling the dining line and today I finally found a dinner reservation for Ohana, so I'm pretty excited about that.


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            Re: I'm going to Disney World!

            Originally posted by paradesintherain View Post
            Thanks guys!

            I've been checking every day and calling the dining line and today I finally found a dinner reservation for Ohana, so I'm pretty excited about that.
            I've done the breakfast and dinner at the Ohana. The only trouble is it gets very loud in there. Character breakfast has lots of kids so they have a parade with singing and clapping with the kids and characters moving in and around the tables. The kids are adorable, but it does get loud. The same with dinner. They have a lady doing a "show" for the kids and the speakers were set a bit high through out the restaurant and again it was a bit loud. The food on the other hand was awesome!

            The Prime time cafe at DHS was fun and food was good. Service was great!

            The Biergarten was fun. Food was great with a wide variety. The show they had was good as well.

            Boma had a floor show with drums were they walk around and through the tables. Was ok, but again the variety of food made up for it.

            California Grill made me think of a very up scale restaurant. Plates had little food, but looked very pretty. The food was awesome, but the whole place seemed a bit "uppity" to me.

            Crystal palace was noisy and the tables were small but it was a nice buffet style place for a quick dinner.

            Hollywood and vine was fun and the buffet was varied.

            San Angel Inn Resaurante was a nice place. Quite and the food was great. Not real busy so it was easy to get in.

            Restaurant Marrakesh was noisy. The floor show was music with a belly dancer. They played a bit to loud to make it enjoyable. The food was good, the desert we had was a bit over cooked.

            Sanaa was quite, and the appetizers were great. The meals were good too. We've been back a second time to this one.

            Sci-fi Dine-in was fun. American food with a bunch of "B" movie clips.

            Of course we've been to most of the quick serves as well and for the most part they are all the same.

            We are going in September this year and are looking forward to hitting a few seafood places. Explore! Have fun!


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              Re: I'm going to Disney World!

              Oh thanks for restaurant tips! I'd love to eat at Jiko (I've been to Boma for dinner), but I don't think it's in the cards for this trip.

              I've been to Sci-Fi before and I don't remember being too impressed by the food, and I wished that the screen played more than clips, but I'm considering getting an ADR there because I think my brother would enjoy it.

              California Grill has a really appealing menu, but I'm not sure that it'll be open yet when I'm there.