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Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop


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  • [Question] Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

    Would love to hear y'all's suggestions as to how to tackle the Magic Kingdom's most popular rides when the park first opens please.

    Is there an order in which we should do the most popular attractions throughout the park , keeping in mind we've yet to experience the New Fantasyland Expansion, and would like to be able to use FPs as well..

    Thank you.
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    Re: Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

    I would have been able to help a lot more before these new fastpass rules and FP+. If you plan on using regular fast pass, I would start the day off a little differently by hitting the park right to left, doing space mountain, peter pan, then go to Splash/BTMRR fast pass the longer line and get in line for the other one. after that then pretty much go about your day. if you have FP+ though your pre arranging your ride times so there is really no need to rush. lol I'm kind of lost with the new system.


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      Re: Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

      I still feel like Magic Kingdom you don't need a strategy like you might at Disneyland. I've scarcely ever had a problem getting almost everything done in a day, not even park open to close or anything.. Obviously get one of the mountain fastpasses or peter pan whenever you can and other than that just go with the flow. :P


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        Re: Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

        Highly suggest you check out the touring plans (free) on Do you have kids with you? If you want to experience New Fantasyland with little wait, get to the park at rope drop. Head straight to Enchanted Tales with Belle and do that first thing. Do not stop to take pics of the castle, etc. Just walk briskly to Enchanted Tales. Being in the first group or two in that attraction, you will save a TON of time. From there, you can hop on Ariel with little weight. You can snag a FP to Splash or Thunder, and ride the other one with little wait while you weight for your FP window to open. You can then head back to Fantasyland and see the other rides etc. The first two hours will be crucial in banging out the rides that typically have the longest waits.

        You could also go on Enchanted Tales, then quickly grab a FP to Peter Pan (if not closed for refurbishment when you are there), and then head to Ariel.


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          Re: Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

          We usually ride/FP Splash and BTM.
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            Re: Help with Magic Kingdom Strategy at Rope Drop

            Well here is what I have done several times.

            At rope drop I go to Peter Pan, then Pooh, then Dumbo, Over to Space Mountain just to grab a fast past for it, unless the wait is less then 20 minutes then I grab a fast pass for it and ride it. After that I cross over (walking, no train which takes too long) to Splash and Big Thunder. It should be about 11am now. yes, I do all that in two hours, in summer, on a Saturday. I will usually lunch about now as breakfast was either before I arrived for rope drop or it was a granola bar and a single serving OJ just to tide me over. When every my next fast pass become available I get a Jungle cruise fast pass, depending on the day, this may happen before or after lunch. Either way, after lunch I hit up Mansion, Pirates and JC. The rest of the afternoon I do things like the People Mover, WDW Railroad, take in a performance of the Main Street Philharmonic, Its a Small World, and other little to know wait attractions.

            I have not added Storytime with Belle into the mix. I have continued to blitz the park in this manner. That said, and alternative would be,

            With only a slight detour to grab a Fast pass for Peter Pan I would head directly to Story Time with Belle. Then Pooh, and then Space Mountain. Note I have skipped Dumbo. I would now cross over Splash and Thunder, being sure to ride Peter Pan when it come due either on my way over to that side of the park or after I have finish with Splash and Thunder. Again lunch and the afternoon unfolds largely in the same manner, except I would get a fast pass for Dumbo, due Haunted Mansion and Pirates and get a Jungle Cruise FP after the Dumbo one expires.

            When Fastpass Plus come on line I would likely use that for Peter Pan, Dumbo and Belle and then follow my original order pre NFL order.


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