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Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...


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  • [Question] Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

    In your opinion, what is the best thrill ride in all of Orlando?

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    Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

    I'll start by telling you my favorite ride in California is Toy Story Mania- I love the interactive video game and the theme of shooting pies. It's tame enough that I can go on it with my 5 year old niece and enjoy it greatly as an adult. I like it better than the thrill rides. My favorite roller coaster in California is the X2 roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

    Please name your Orlando equivalents..


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      Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

      The Orlando equivalent of Toy Story Mania is Toy Story Mania. Pure and Simple.

      The best thrill ride in Orlando is probably a tie for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Neither are coasters, but they are both fantastic.

      My favorite coaster in the Orlando area is actually in Tampa at Busch Gardens... Kumba. Busch Gardens is the roller coaster park in the Orlando area. Not necessary to go to if you're limited on time, but I like the park (and I have more genuine fun there) than I do at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom's theming is more detailed than Busch Gardens' is, but the park has a lot more to do and is just a lot more fun!


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        Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

        The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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          Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

          Kumba, hands down !


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            Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

            Tower of Terror has a big difference that you will like.

            Expedition Everest in AK is great.

            There are big steel coaster's at Universal.

            Rocking Roller Coaster in DHS is really fun.

            Be prepared for longer waits, while the TSMM is the same here and there, it attracts many more guests. This is true for many other rides as well. You will see that many more attractions have FP, some of which are nearly walk on attractions in DLR.

            You are going during a slow period, but don't expect empty parks.

            When you go to IOA it's important to get there early, go right all the way to the WWOHP and get right on Forbidden Jorney. The lines will get long super fast so you really want to go there immediately after the park opens. Take your time to look around later, IOA is a nicely themed park.
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              Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

              I haven't been to Busch Gardens, but my personal favorite is The Hulk. Rip, Ride, Rockit is a lot of fun too.


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                Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

                Top 10 list of best thrill rides in Orlando

                1. Spiderman - IOA
                2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - IOA
                3. Transformers - USF
                4. Expedition Everest - DAK
                5. Tower of Terror - DHS
                6. The Revenge of the Mummy -USF
                7. The Incredible Hulk - IOA
                8. Dragon Challenge - IOA
                9. Rockin' Roller Coaster - DHS
                10.Jurassic Park River Adventure - IOA
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                  Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

                  I should note that if you love Toy Story Mania, you should also enjoy Men In Black quite a lot.


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                    Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

                    I don't normally ride coasters, so I'd have to say my favorite Thrill Ride in Orlando is Star Tours. I missed it on my last Orlando trip, since I did not visit DHS.


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                      Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

                      In Orlando: Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey and Spiderman at IOA. They're both amazing.

                      But if we include the rest of Central Florida, I'm including Montu at Busch Gardens. It's my favorite suspended coaster and just a really fun ride. SheikRa at Busch is thrilling too as you're up 200 feet in the air, then they dangle you at a 90 degree angle for about 5 seconds before sending you down the first drop. If you're scared of heights, it's a gut-wrencher. And when Falcon's Fury opens next year... This is one I'm terrified of (335 feet tall & riders will be tilted at a 90 degree angle before being dropped at 60 mph) but will do it once.


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                        Re: Best thrill ride in all of Orlando...

                        Well I'm going to go with one or two rides per park.

                        Space Mountain
                        Big Thunder Mountain

                        Test Trak
                        Mission Space

                        Hollywood Studios:
                        Tower of Terror
                        Rock n' Rollercoaster

                        Expedition Everest
                        (Before Disco Yeti)
                        Safari Ride
                        (Forgot the name)

                        Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
                        The Forbidden Journey

                        Revenge of the Mummy
                        Hollywood Rip Rockit Ride

                        Cheetah Hunt

                        Fun Spot America:
                        White Lightning

                        It should be noted that Busch Gardens Tampa is getting North America's tallest FREE STANDING drop tower from Intamin called Falcons Fury. It'll pull riders up 331 feet in a standing position, then rotate riders so they're lying face down before you're dropped to the ground.
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