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Need Walt Disney World guidance


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  • [Question] Need Walt Disney World guidance

    We will be taking a Disney cruise out of Port Canaveral in February. We will have approximately 3-4 days to spend at Disneyworld. We have never been to DW, just to DLR in Anaheim. With that amount of time to spend there - how can we maximize our stay and see and do the highlights. Should we do one park per day?? Or can you do more than one park a day if you just touch on the most popular attractions?? What is the best way to approach this. One more thing - if we can have a somewhat modest pace so we aren't running flat out - that would be preferable. I have subscribed to Touring Plans and thought I would use those to help us out. Anything you all could advice me on would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Need Walt Disney World guidance

    Well you can do all four parks in the time you've allowed, but it'll be a hectic few days - however you can probably relax once you board the ship.

    If you can park hop, then you could perhaps combine Animal Kingdom (AM) with the Studios (PM) so you get the best of both (and take in Fantasmic!), and then have a spare day to revisit whichever park was your favourite, or take in Downtown Disney (albeit with all the construction going on).

    I'm sure others will have plenty of recommendations..

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      Re: Need Walt Disney World guidance

      Are you staying onsite or not? If so use EMH in the morning and hop to another park.

      In February unless President's Day weekend crowds are low. Hopping take time but the park hours vary park to park. So going to an early open park and then the late close park will get you a lot more time.

      As you've been to DLR, MK has little more to offer. AK and Epcot are very different. DHS is about half the same as what's in DLR.
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        Re: Need Walt Disney World guidance

        Hello! I agree with what's been said above. AK has a lot of unique attractions and sights. I'd recommend getting there early (using EMH if possible), get FP for Expedition Everest, then ride Kilimanjaro Safari. After using your FPs, ride Dinosaur and then head over to Festival of the Lion King. My family's not a big fan of Finding Nemo-The Musical, but it's worth seeing at least once if you have the time. We find Flights of Wonder to be a little more informative than entertaining, but you definitely learn a lot, and it is quite interesting.

        I'd recommend heading over to DHS after lunch. Ride ToT and RnRC. Make sure you see Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid. FPs will probably be gone for Toy Story Midway Mania, so I'd recommend getting in line for this later at night, then heading over to Fantasmic from there.

        Reserve a day for MK and a day for Epcot. In MK, I would focus on things you can't do at DLR, especially the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, Carousel of Progress, and the New Fantasyland. In Epcot, make sure to ride Test Track. Mission: Space is a little more intense but fun to ride.

        Save the last day for things you missed or to revisit favourites. Depending on lines, there may be some things you might not get to experience the first time through (like TSMM), so it's nice to have an extra, flexible day to work with. If you can, stay on the grounds and take advantage of EMHs and Disney Transportation. Have fun!