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For the Journey Into Imagination & Captain EO fans only

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  • [Other] For the Journey Into Imagination & Captain EO fans only

    Just wanted to say if u don't like my posts then please do not bother posting here. I hate to be rude but after what's happened the last couple times I really don't want that happening. Anyway, let's continue on to the regular topic for the Journey Into Imagination & Captain EO fans.
    Am I the only one here who absolutely hates Honey I Shrunk the Audience & Journey Into Your Imagination. I prefer Captain EO & Journey Into Imagination (original). I'm so happy they brought back Captain EO but I'm very upset they haven't brought back Journey Into Imagination (original) back yet. I really don't like Dr. Nigel Channing he reminds me too much of that dreadful Honey, I Shrunk the Audience film & I think he's a dreadful replacement for Dreamfinder. I like Figment cause he was from the original but I just can't stand Dr. Nigel Channjng and his boring and stupid Open House. It's time we get the original Imaginative,colorful,and fun version of the ride back with Dreamfinder & Figment. I'll be so glad when they bring back the original and get rid of Dr. Nigel Channing & his terrible Open House! It's time Dreamfinder comes back and Figment is back to his old self again. Who else agrees with me?