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College Program Audition questions


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  • [Question] College Program Audition questions


    So I recently applied for the upcoming semester of DCP. I made the mistake of putting low interest in food services since I have worked in restaurants for a few years. I got placed in Quick Service Food and Beverage and don't think that my advisor wants me to go, being as I am a performing arts major (theatre) and need something more relatable to my major. I have to accept or decline in 10 days, and I really want to attend an audition, but not sure I want to accept the food service role if I don't get a performing role. Does anyone know if declining would completely take me out of the run for a performance role? I'm 4'11 so I don't know how good of a shot I would have as a performer. I wouldn't mind doing fur, but I'd love to be cast as Tink. Either way, is there any chance of changing roles to something more applicable to my major without the audition, such as BBB or Pirate's League? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.

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    Re: College Program Audition questions

    I think you should take the opportunity. If you take anything they give you, they see you really want to work there and appreciate it. Kind of like how I am auditioning ultimately for a face character, but if I have to, I will work as a dancer or fur character. They will like me more if I show I'm willing to do anything

    And I think you are allowed to change in 6 months. I'm not sure though.


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