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Jungle Cruise reopens after refurbishment

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  • [Review] Jungle Cruise reopens after refurbishment

    Late this morning The World Famous Jungle Cruise chartered its first boats onto the rivers of the world in six weeks. The attraction looks wonderful. Everything is working as it should be, and the boats, animals, and some of the signage in the line all got a fresh coat of paint. Scenes that look particularly nice are the trapped safari, and the secret bathing pool of the indian elephants. Overall, a very nice restoration for one of the parks original attractions.

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    Re: Jungle Cruise reopens after refurbishment

    THANK YOU, for the update, MigitMouse!

    Maybe the Florida climate is harsher on outdoor attractions, but it saddens me a little that the JC at WDW had been in such bad shape that you're now able to notice a dramatic improvement, even without any new animal scenes. You wrote, "The attraction looks wonderful. Everything is working as it should be" and that's good, but everything is SUPPOSED to be working--this shouldn't be a cause for celebration.

    Your post reminded me of Disneyland's Tiki Room, which was in bad shape before it was fixed up before Disneyland's 50th anniversary. I hope much of WDW isn't being kept mediocre with the rationalization that this will help make its 50th anniversary in 2021 a more dramatic renaissance for the resort. Unfortunately, like
    (post-Wells) Eisner, JR & Pressler before them, Iger and Staggs earn 30 & 10 million a year partly because of the money they foolishly save to increase short-term, quarterly profits.

    But, yeah, glad my beloved JC is looking good! Now improve the Carousel of Progress, please.
    And EPCOT's World Showcase.
    And WDW's studios park.
    And WDW's new, unofficial mascot, the Yeti.

    (Iger and Staggs laughing all the way to the bank.)
    And whatever happened to George Kalogridis?
    But Dusty says big things are coming. Name that McCartney song: "But it won't be soon enough, it won't be soon enough for me."

    Answer: "Tug of War"

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      Re: Jungle Cruise reopens after refurbishment

      Yeah, we went to the MK on Oct 1st but it was down until around 2pm and we had to get off, can't remember why!

      We rode it the next day, or the day after... I know we squeezed 4 rides in 1 week on it. It was looking GREAT and the Elephant were squirting all over the place!


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        Re: Jungle Cruise reopens after refurbishment

        One the company's most famous phrases it created can describe this very Fans vs. Company
        situation: "Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt."
        "The happy haunts have recieved a faldric nomdage." ~Paul Frees

        Originally posted by SOTSreleaseplease
        The more Paul Frees, the better I say.