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  • Video Disney-MGM Studios...

    Over on The Disney Blog | Disney News and Information — by fans, for fans they posted a cool video of the making of MGM Studios.
    The Making of the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park (1989) - YouTube

    Really makes me miss the way the park used to be; it was was always my favorite WDW park when I used to go when I was an adolescent. Such a shame that the Backlot Tour and Animation attractions aren't what they used to be, they're both so lacking and just plain lame now. Also a shame that the park has lost a sense of coherent theme and/or identity.

    I used to love the feeling I got from being at MGM Studios, I totally ate up all the charm of the romanticized version of Golden Era Hollywood with all the art deco buildings and what not (I'd still take Hollywood Blvd over Buena Vista Street). I really hope Disney gets moving soon on all the supposed improvements for the park. Aside from just adding Star Wars Land, I hope they update/improve the Great Movie Ride and take the time to make improvements all throughout the park.