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Want to read through another Everest review?

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  • Want to read through another Everest review?

    The here you go.

    First getting to the ride: Skipping past everything before Animal Kingdom lets start in Dinoland. Dinoland's check-in was very fast, very good. I got in, joined the Tokyo-like line for Fast Pass (though it wasn't too 11am the line for FPs alone was about 45 minutes according to Cast Members, the line to get in in Asia? 2 hours). After my Fast Pass I went to get in the Stand-by line. I followed about 3 groups of people as we were all ushered by CMs to the "end of the stand-by line". Well too late we realized they ushered us outside into Asia's check-in line. Oh no no no.

    So since it was about 3 groups worth of us that were suddely being told to get out our IDs and passes we started saying "hey, we were inside!".
    I felt bad doing it, but we went up from CM to CM trying to get back in (I just felt like one of those APs you read about online always was sad). We were sent to a supervisior who said she had no radio (No one by Asia had they said...what kind of planning is that??). She went to get us an answer...never came back. Finally another supervisor came over, then reluctantly agreed to let three of the groups back in, but never acknowledging the mix up (which I guess could be hard...but these groups had the same stroy and we had Fastpasses...we were inside already)...leaving me. He didn't want to let me back in. Finally, again VERY reluctantly he let me back in. All this to try to get in Stand-by.

    Finally the Queue: Amazing. It has the Animal Kingdom feel. It fits with everything else Asia and Africa have had all along. Nothing says "cheap" or "cut back". It is amazingly overdone. You almost had to wonder if they just gave up on making CAD drawing for the queue and just said "put it somewhere!!" they had so much stuff. And everything had a ceiling (nothing A la Mickey's Star Traders) andthey were themed ceilings too.

    The ride: Amazing. A very fun smooth coaster. Great themeing. I loved the mountain, especially the ice at the top. I loved the silent lift hill and the views from the hill.
    I found the backwards part to get a bit disorienting after 4 trips in a row...and I think the drop was handled very well for people who don't like drops...but for those who do I think it missed the stomach-lurch feeling.
    The Yeti: amazing. I was impressed with how long you got to see him too.

    Best thing: after each trip the whole train clapped. You just don't get to see something like that very often.

    I give it a 9 out of 10. Its up there with ToT and Space Mountain as far as a great ride with great theme.

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    Re: Want to read through another Everest review?

    Cool review!
    You're one of the first people to say that you could see the Yeti for a long time. About how long, would you say? Does it move around a lot? Is it loud?

    Did you see the bird, vulture, eagle thing flying around?


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      Re: Want to read through another Everest review?

      Thank you.
      I don't know how long but it certainly wasn't short like I was expecting.

      You enter a cave, and you see him far away and you ride closer to him, then the train lurches up seemingly right into his hand, then dives down and out. It was enough time to see him, get a good look at him, and maybe after a few rides have enough time to study him. He is sweet.

      Does he move? Yeah its a fair amount of moving, mainly in growling and swinging his massive hand towards you.

      Oh yeah, you see the bird...I can't tell you what its meaning is, but as the train starts to slip the bird flies out quickly. You only see him briefly.


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        Re: Want to read through another Everest review?

        About the bird...


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          Re: Want to read through another Everest review?

          Hey everyone just got back and I took my sneak peak on Everest! I thought the ride was great! It starts off kinda slow but it really fits in with the ride. It's suppose to be a train so it will start slow. I didn't realize how high this sucker is either until the train starts the climb!

          One of the complaints i have is when it reaches the top the train stops and you see the track in front of you tore in pieces. It seems to take too long before anything happens. I'm assuming the track is switching, but man, you just sit there for several seconds. Then you go shooting backwards down the mountain! Awesome! And the animated shadow you see of the Yeti is a bit cheesy, yes, but it really lets freaks you out cause you know when you take off again, you are going to see that thing in person! And when you do, my opinion, is that thing is slamming! It looks huge and the animatronics of it reaching out to you made my jaw drop. Granted you whip by it very fast, but that adds to the illusion of, did I just see the Yeti??

          And I have heard complaints about the que. Granted moving through the buildings might seem a little dull, but if you pay attention it really gets you ready for the exbition you are about to embark on. And I think they did an awesome job in the Yeti "museum" they set up as you pass through. They have a bunch of "footprint casts" and such. But the best is the items found found the last team that, "disappeared" from the mountain! You gotta see it. They have the tent that looks ripped up, equipment trashed, and fake blurred photos from the "camera" that was found! Great job!

          Did I use the word awesome enough?

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            Re: Want to read through another Everest review?

            No when describing Everest you can't use the word awesome enough.