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music used in Epcot

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  • [Question] music used in Epcot

    Hi Folks

    Maybe someone out there can help me find a piece of music I heard when I visited Epcot in the mid 1980's. I was in an attraction/ride that was as best I can remember featuring Mexico in at least a portion of the ride. I used to think that it might have been It's A Small World but I have watched/listened to postings on YouTube and the only music used there is the Iconic "It's A Small World Song". My best guess now is the Mexican Pav. However, I have also watched/listened to those attractions on YouTube and the tune I heard is not used. Since I was there decades ago, the music may have changed. The only clue that I have is that the tune that I heard was certainly Mexican in flavor and was something that I had actually heard before because I recognized the familiar tune. I thought at the time that I had must have heard it played on a local radio station here in Va. I listened for it when I returned home but I never heard it again. Anybody have any words of wisdom on what the tune I heard in the ride was? One more thing, there is a site that has samples of the music used in the park (including the Mariachi music used around the Mexican Pav.). I have listened to all of those tunes and did not hear the tune I am after- of course that music is the current music used.


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    Re: music used in Epcot

    The only song I can think of from the Mexican Pavillion is the attraction theme to El Rio del Tiempo.


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