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Refurbishment Schedules Removed from WDW site?


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  • [Question] Refurbishment Schedules Removed from WDW site?

    Looks like the refurbishment schedules are missing from the Walt Disney World website interactive hours.
    I've looked every where, and even the customer service hotline said they were missing. Does anyone know if this is just a glitch, or a permanent and purposeful removal?

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    Re: Refurbishment Schedules Removed from WDW site?

    An update...I spoke to customer service again, and sure enough the refurb schedule has been removed. Whether it's temporary or for good we will have to see. Customer service was vague and acted like they'd never had that information online, and then gave some spiel about (paraphrase) "in order to maintain the quality of the guest's experience from time to time attractions are down and it is not within our control and can not be predicted". Stupid. It was only after I kept pressing, that they would tell me what was down during my planned trip--which completely contradicted the "unpredictable" line they gave me originally. It's a huge pain and very short-sighted on their part--I hope it increases calls so much that they bring the schedule back online. Thankfully Disneyland still has theirs....


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      Re: Refurbishment Schedules Removed from WDW site?

      WDW has done what DLR has done.

      It's nowhere near as efficient as before but the data is on

      You have to look at the maps, and click on the attraction, to see if it has a refurb scheduled. Problem is you have to do it attraction by attraction, not day by day, when you are going to visit.
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