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Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!


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  • [Rumor] Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

    ORDDU: So my sisters and I decided to spend Valentine's Day at the Magic Kingdom just like we usually do. While there we heard some rumors that we found most interesting--

    ORWEN: --as well as infuriating! I mean really! It sounds like as if poor Princess Aurora is being cursed again!

    ORDDU: We were talking with an off duty cast member who happened to mention that Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip were originally intended to be part of the upcoming new parade for the Magic Kingdom which debuts in March. (An official announcement even went out saying that the new parade would feature Sleeping Beauty.)

    ORWEN: Yes, but the cast member said they got bumped off their float in favor of Anna and Elsa, who will be taking their places.

    ORDDU: Apparently the Entertainment department was caught off guard during the planning phase of this new parade and didn't expect FROZEN to be so overwhelmingly popular. So after they realized this they decided to shoehorn Anna and Elsa into the mix while leaving Phillip and Aurora out in the cold...(pun intended)

    ORWEN: But the sad thing is this isn't the first time Phillip and Aurora have been bumped from their intended positions. Back when FANTASMIC was first being planned out in CA in the early 90's, Phillip and Aurora were supposed to have been seen dancing on one of the 3 barges.

    ORDDU: The original idea had been that each of the 3 villains--Ursula, the Wicked Queen and Maleficent--would be paired off with the 3 heroines from these same stories--Snow White, Ariel and Aurora.

    ORWEN: But Beauty & the Beast came out around that same time so Phillip and Aurora were unceremoniously replaced by Belle and her flea bitten boyfriend. How rude was THAT?!

    ORDDU: And during the Magic Kingdom's 25th Birthday parade in the mid 90's, the finale float was supposed to have had Phillip and Aurora stationed on it. There was even a special backdrop that was obviously modeled after the angular backgrounds of Sleeping Beauty.

    ORWEN: But the Marketing department wanted to promote Pocahontas, instead, so they stuck her on the float in the spot that had been intended for Phillip and Aurora. How insulting was THAT?

    ORDDU: Now it's happening to Aurora again. There is still a chance that Prince Phillip might appear in the new parade, though, as rumor has it that he was recently seen during a rehearsal, wielding a sword at Maleficent's dragon. But he won't be on a float as originally intended.

    ORWEN: And they say Aurora is most certainly out. This is just one slap in the face too many for us Sleeping Beauty fans...

    ORGOCH: So is ya sayin' ya got some sort a plan ta fight with Pest Relations 'bout this at Pity Hall? Er is ya just gonna' lie down an' take it--like Princess A-snore-a prob'ly already has???

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    Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

    Actually Prince Phillip will be in the parade. He will be "battling" the Maleficent dragon unit. Aurora has been cut however and Anna and Elsa have replaced her on the Princess Garden float from Tokyos Jubilation parade.


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      Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

      ORWEN: Just as we were told. (sigh) And I forgot to mention that Aurora's recent 2013 makeover gown has been a disaster, too! From what we were told, the new dress didn't hold up well under multiple dry cleanings so it had to be discarded. A new fabric is being tested, in the meantime, in the hopes that it will be more durable. When we saw the poor little princess today she was wearing her former gown that we never thought we'd see again. (It's the same for her out in CA at Disneyland.)

      ORGOCH: Guess it don't pay fer Snoozin' Floozie ta even git outta bed no more!!


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        Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

        Oh I can't wait to see Prince Phillip fighting the dragon to save ME in the new parade! SWOON!


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          Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

          ORGOCH: Maybe yer the one who oughtta take Snoozin' Floozie's place, then, Micoofy Duck! How good does ya look in pink???


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            Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

            Just like in the movie. Phillip does all the work with the fairies, while Aurora does nothing.

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              Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

              Best post ever!
              Grim, I lost her once; I'm not gonna lose her again.


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                Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

                I love the look of the Dragon in the new upcoming parade - AND it makes me wonder . . . . . will Prince Phillip be sporting a steampunk look, as well !?!?!?!?!?!??!?! THAT would be really neat!!!
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                  Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

                  I personally think it'd be terrific to have Aurora's unconscious body being dragged on a coffin behind the dragon and at the end of every loop Prince Phillip can kiss her and wake her up for a few seconds until the loop starts over again.

                  Then Snow White can do the same.

                  And Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Elsa can be hidden in a locked tower or bedroom, away from view, that their stepmother/parents locked them in.

                  -------- Anyways ---------

                  While a great princess, Magic Kingdom doesn't need Aurora's presence so much. She's much better associated to Disneyland and Disneyland Paris and I'm happy with that.

                  And of course she needn't be there with Philip while he is battling Maleficent. She wasn't in that scene and would only be a distraction for him and the 3 good fairies.


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                    Re: Princess Aurora is Cursed Again!

                    ORWEN: Well, if Aurora didn't have any fans in Florida that might be okay. Almandot, duckling. But she does have fans in Florida so your suggestion does nothing to satisfy that. Besides, Cinderella gets plenty of recognition out in CA so Aurora deserves the same consideration in every Disney park, too. Whether or not a particular princess has a castle in CA or FL shouldn't matter one bit. All the characters deserve equal time in all parks in order to satisfy the fans.


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