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Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?


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  • [Question] Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?

    Would you have liked to have had Fire Mountain and/or Bald Mountain at Magic Kingdom?

    Disney Stuck on the Drawing Board: Fire Mountain and Bald Mountain | WDW News Today

    I had never heard of these plans before, but I think having Bald Mountain and Chernabog at a Disney park would be BADA$$!!
    The ride they proposed seemed a little hokey, but I'd still be down to have it. of course, a fifth gate that was completely dedicated to villains would be even more awesome.


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    Re: Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?

    Surprised you hadn't heard of this before as those plans have been floating around online for at least the last 10 years or so.


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      Re: Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?

      I only joined MiceChat last year and wasn't involved in Disney message boards/forums prior to that.


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        Re: Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?

        bald mountain because fantasia deserves to be a bigger part of the parks and because elements from the fire mountain project are seen in various attractions that have been added since its proposal. it would be cool though to see in the background behind jungle cruise.


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          Re: Fire Mountain or Bald Mountain?

          I'm not a fan of those lying down roller coasters so the Fire Mountain idea doesn't really appeal to me. At least the idea of an attraction in a volcano found it's way to Tokyo.

          The Bald Mountain concept sounds like a rejected frame story for a Halloween TV special that shows clips from old films and shorts. As a theme park attraction it's just about the laziest, dollar-signs-for-eyes nonsense I can think of. Besides, everyone already knows Maleficent is the most evil villain.

          I never thought the idea for a villains land/park was a particularly good one. Villains aren't particularly interesting without the hero to create conflict. Imagine how boring it would be if Star Wars made 3 movies just about Darth Vader.

          The only thing a dedicated villains area can do that Fantasyland doesn't is have spooky architecture and if you're building a whole park just to justify an architectural style, I can't see it working out very well. Besides, Disney already made one ride based around a villain and it was so scary that it had to be toned down and eventually turned into a princess meet and greet. That ride was called Snow White's Adventure.

          Also, an entire park based entirely around film franchises? No thanks. That's what Disney's Hollywood Studios should be for.
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