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Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?


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  • [Question] Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

    This is indeed a copycat thread. The Disneyland forum thread, discussing the merits of staying onsite, gave me the idea to pose the question here.

    I have visited Disney World many times. I have stayed both onsite, and off. I definitely prefer staying onsite rather than off. However, as I check the rates, I am beginning to wonder if they are really worth it. I can visit Disney World's parks for a whole lot cheaper if I use my Wyndham timeshare. However, it is then much harder to get around, since I myself do not drive. That means that I must travel with either family members or friends who do. For those who might know me at all, I love my alone time in the parks. Being my own boss is key to maximizing my enjoyment. That may sound very strange to some of you.

    A Disney vacation is not cheap. A Disney World Vacation keeps getting more and more costly. The prices of hotel rooms are now all in the three digits for even the Value Hotels. I am grateful, that in the past, I have had the opportunity to spend some vacation time at some of the Deluxe Resorts. I have also stayed in a few moderates, and at the Pop Century, in 2009. That was my last time staying onsite. I did return to Disney World last year, and I really missed not being onsite.

    As the new Fantasyland gets finished, and all the changes to the Hub are completed, I have been wanting to plan a WDW vacation, "Just For Me". I have begun to check the rates, and as I do the Math, I see that the vacation that I want would cost me quite a bit of money.

    If I want to return to Disney World again, I either have to settle for a less than perfect vacation, or I have to spend more money. I could save the money, and then plan the vacation, or I could charge the credit card and pay for it later. Keeping in mind that the longer I wait, the more it will end up costing me. It's not like I'm ancient, but I'm not getting any younger. I'd love one last great Disney World Trip.

    Is it worth it to stay onsite at Disney World, or should I be happy that I can get a better hotel room with my timeshare. It saves me lots of money, but it just does not feel the same.

    Is it really true? Does the Money buy the Magic?

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    Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

    for the moderates and values I would say yes. the minimal difference in cost is more then made up with the added security, convenience, and general magic of a disney hotel. when looking at deluxe options however the question gets a little more difficult to answer. the waldorf for example offers great value in comparison to many deluxe hotels and incredible amenities. all depends how much the "magic" is really worth too you.


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      Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

      I've stayed on and offsite. And stayed in almost every resort on property.

      I think it is well worth it.

      Airport Transportation included.
      Baggage handling included.
      Onsite transportation included.
      Extra Magic Hours in the evening.
      Greatly themed hotels.
      Key to the World and Magic Bands for simple access/charging convenience.
      Dining Plans.
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        Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

        When im there for a quickie visit, for business or just passing in the neighborhood, I stay off property. If im out for relaxing, I stock up on essentials before arriving on property, and I don't like to leave. It all depend on what you can afford. There are some nice hotels around the Kissimmee area, and International Drive that's very affordable. Is it worth the extra to stay on property?....It is for me.


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          Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

          It's wonderful to spend the day in the theme parks, and then when you leave and go to your hotel, you're still there. So in my opinion, it's worth it. I won't travel there any other way.

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

            i wouldnt want to go to WDW and not stay on property


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              Re: Disney World Hotels - Are They Worth The Cost?

              Closed at request of OP.

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