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How does WDW compaew to DLR?

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  • [Question] How does WDW compaew to DLR?

    I have never been to WDW but heard that both WDW and DLR have the exact same rides and attractions. Is this true? If I have been to DLR does it make sense to fly 5 hours to WDW? The only difference I heard is that WDW is 3 times bigger. Thanks!
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    Re: How does WDW compaew to DLR?

    How do they compare?

    First and foremost, WDW takes much more planning. I am presently planning an August trip to Disney World, and I have a lot of decisions to make before I actually get there.

    I am also going to Disneyland, and when I visit there, I don't plan so much.


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      Re: How does WDW compaew to DLR?

      It's like comparing a city to a state. You can't compare them. They do NOT have identical rides. At least not most of them. They do have different versions of many of the same rides, but it is a different experience at each resort.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: How does WDW compaew to DLR?

        MK is huge. It has acres of landscaped lawns, highly detailed flower beds and specimen tree's everywhere. You'll do a lot more walking there because things are spread out.
        On the down side, there aren't as many attractions to experience and as I walk around I keep noticing what's missing. Like the iconic Matterhorn, subs. Many of the rides copied from DLR are somewhat lesser as well. OTOH you can ride the PM at WDW!
        What (arguably) makes up for the deficiencies is that if you have a park hopper then you can spend a number of hours at MK and then get a totally different experience at another park.
        I consider WDW and DLR somewhat equal in entertainment scale but they are very different to experience.
        We prefer DLR but like to go to WDW every once in a while to change things up.


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          Re: How does WDW compaew to DLR?

          You should go to WDW. It's a great vacation.
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            Re: How does WDW compaew to DLR?

            They have a lot of similar attractions but very few are exactly the same. Walt Disney World is also a lot more than 3 times bigger. Disneyland is much denser though.
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