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Hunger Games attraction?

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    Re: Hunger Games attraction?

    As Dapper Dan said, it's about the tone. While I do not agree with the concept of Disney bringing Avatar to the parks, with the concept art they are able to make such a beautiful and magical looking sort of place. We've seen the concept of the boat ride. They could even make a ride based off Avatars that ride dragons. Which is something I think a lot of children always dreamed to do.

    What about the Hunger Games? While I like the film, I struggle to watch it since I'm the type to prefer more lighthearted films than dark, or dramatic ones. Disney is supposed to be light, not dark and gruesome. The Hunger Games is solely based off the concept of forcing and sacrificing 24 children to fight to the death. There is a lot of dark themes in the books and film and so much death.

    Honestly, the only non-dark element they can fit into a ride would be the trains in the Hunger Games, which supposedly move at an average of 250 miles an hour (of course that's not possible, but just saying).

    Or as someone suggested a stunt stage show, but I personally do not think it would be appropriate for Disney.

    Pirates is about selling the wenches, robbing everyone, and burning the town on fire, it's about them having fun. And while it's not necessarily the most clean cut fun, it's done in a more light and humorous way. You don't see a vast amount of innocents being murdered.