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Fastpass Plus effect on "Lines" app (when using the "optimize" button) - TouringPlans


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  • [Question] Fastpass Plus effect on "Lines" app (when using the "optimize" button) - TouringPlans

    Before they took away the Fastpass ticket booths I used the Touring Plans site to set up a custom plan and then throughout the day (after each ride) I would always optimize my plan. When I would finish each ride, I would tell it where I was in the park (since the app never seems to actually know where I am exactly) and then I would hit the button to reorganize the plan according to new wait time information and what I'm closest to. When used in this manner (instead of just making a list and following it throughout the day) I feel you get the most out of the app (not to mention it adds some spontaneity which is welcome when you're making such rigid plans). Now, of course, this wasn't really a big problem before because if you needed a Fastpass (which, funny enough, when I used the Lines app I almost never even needed a Fastpass since it was always so top heavy with the E-ticket rides) it would just reorganize the list and give you what you needed. With the new Fastpass Plus system it obviously can't do that because it will always point you to whatever assigned time you have reserved and that, to me, cripples the optimize feature because it has to work around stuff that just can't change. The biggest problem now, and maybe the app has changed since I last used it (I can't remember when!), is when I hit the optimize button it will tell me to get Fastpass tickets. Obviously, since you can't do that anymore, it's pointless.

    Has that been fixed to get rid of that option to get Fastpass tickets when you "optimize" the plan throughout the day?

    What are peoples experiences with the Lines app now that Fastpass Plus is in place? Is it better now? Am I using the app all wrong by optimizing it after every ride?