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My Disney World Adventure

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    Re: My Disney World Adventure

    Originally posted by Jabroniville View Post
    I found the characters to be overly-shiny and odd, and not very convincing as "people". I'm curious as to what it looked like before!
    Here is a video that shows the original and enhanced side by side

    Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man side-by-side comparison on-ride HD POV Islands of Adventure - YouTube


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      Re: My Disney World Adventure

      Originally posted by danlb_2000 View Post
      Great! Thanks! I was curious. It's the same story but with better CGI, I can see. It's still a bit rubbery/shiny and odd, but I think that's because they're using semi-realistic human proportions compared to the more cartoony CGI movies we have these days (Frozen, The Incredibles, etc.).

      Fantastic trip report !! My last lengthy trip to Florida, I took a day and went to USO, and was surprised how much it had changed. It was several years between visits to USO because the last time before, I felt the same way as the first time going to MGM ( Hollywood Studios ) . Nice park, no big deal. My next trip down will have 2 days put aside for USO. Thanks for taking the time to make this report !
      Thanks! Yeah, I was much more impressed with the Universal in Florida than I was with California's.

      How good is Test Track & Despicable Me? Those were the only two "Big" things I didn't go on.


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        Re: My Disney World Adventure


        I gotta say, this place is a MESS right now- scrims & boards up everywhere, and it REALLY compresses the crowds and creates massive logjams. The fact that it's far away from the resorts & parks makes it a pain to get to as well, so I only went the one day. I mean, why spend "park day" times in an outdoor shopping centre with huge bottlenecks, especially when it's a ways away from the parks? Disneyland's is a thousand times better- though smaller, it allows you to walk right out of a park and get stuff on a regular day.

        For some reason, I wasn't as enamored with this World of Disney compared to the one at DL. I mean, I was in AWE of that place, and this one is even bigger, with more decorations and stuff. I think I just found the "same old stuff" here- there's an issue in the parks with merchandise that is all basically the same, so it's hard to find truly unique things outside of the Art Shops. Similarly, I don't think there's much new Merch since I was there last time, and a lot of this is also available in Disney Stores, so I didn't see any "Unique Buys". However, the Art of Disney store here is EXCELLENT, and I bought a bunch of fancy stuff from there. Unfortunately the coolest stores are all right up front, so I hit all the lamer, less-interesting stuff later on and got stuck in with the massive crowds. There's a clothing store for women with some great stuff to look at, too.

        The food choices seem alright, though I was unfortunately there at an inconvenient time to make sudden dinner plans. PLAN YOUR EATING TIMES, PEOPLE- I didn't eat much during the day (it was the day I flew in), skipped lunch when I got there, and started searching around Downtown Disney for a few hours... then every place was booked-up for dinner and you couldn't even walk up to the bar anywhere, so I had to basically eat ice cream and assorted junk food for supper . Not a recommended diet plan, I would assume. Many of the restaurants look pretty cool, but aren't anything you couldn't find somewhere else- the T-Rex place looks fascinating, though it's mainly for hyperactive little boys (I hear the food is barely passable), the Irish Pub looks great, and I REALLY wanted to get into that Louisiana/House of Blues place.

        The Merch in the Parks:

        This was one of my favourite things to in Disneyland, but I found the offerings less interesting here- I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff, so maybe it's just the added time and plenty of browsing in Disney Stores at home making this "less special". Nothing much was really new in the past year and a half since I was at a Disney Park. I could have spent DAYS in the World of Disney Store in Cali, but here I was less-enthused. The stores all selling the same stuff was a bit of a downer, which is why I loved the little Belle-themed store in New Fantasyland. I find it funny that Disney can't produce Anna & Elsa dolls fast enough given that there are apparently 950,000,000 other Disney Princess Dolls in the world, because I saw dozens of each Princess in EVERY SINGLE GIFT SHOP THERE. I mean, it's not like this company doesn't have a history of over-producing their Merch, so it's a bit amusing that they're COMPLETELY out of Frozen stuff- even the dolls of the BOYS.

        Another disappointment is the lack of stuff for males. It makes sense, given the Princess/Fairy focus (thinking about it, I didn't see anything for the new Pirate Fairy girl either- her stuff must also be selling quickly), but the fact is that girls get AMAZING clothing options, with beautiful art on them. Guys are left with goofy Mickey stuff, or a generic Star Wars shirt. Once again, the Belle Store has great stuff, mostly featuring Gaston. But unless I wanted to wear a woman's shirt with Belle on it, or some of those clothes with the FANTASTIC Princess art on them (the ones where the girls all have these big anime-inspired eyes, and Belle's smelling the flower with her head back- I have some pics of it on here), I was out of luck for the most part . I found some great stuff with Chernabog in Disneyland, so I know there are options out there, especially with so many great male villains. But it's a bit of a downer.

        Universal's shops were even weaker, but their CityWalk thing is okay. I liked California's better, which is odd given that it's smaller and next to a smaller, weaker park. I just didn't get much out of being in the "Generic Movie" shops with less-iconic souvenirs. It didn't help that I was a bit rushed since the pick-up time for the Mears Transport buses has to be set ahead of time, and I was never sure how much I'd need. The Harry Potter-themed ones look great, but HOLY COW do they need to be bigger- each one was like being a rat in a trap- I can't imagine having to work in one of those for hours at a time. The best overall candy shop was actually the Potterverse one, though I find American fudge always tastes bad- is there something Americans put in chocolate to make it taste worse? I swear I've never had a really positive experience with the stuff in the States, save for chain stores. Of course, I was also limited in how much one person could carry, and I happened to be in most of the stores when I was already full, so I didn't gorge myself as much as I usually do while on vacation .