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If you could park-hop and time travel


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  • [Fun] If you could park-hop and time travel

    I misread the title of the other (more practical) thread "Travel time between parks", and it gave me this lame little idea for a thread.

    Here's the premise...

    -You're at WDW and can park hop between any of the parks and also Downtown Disney.
    -When 'hopping' you are also able to go to a park at a specific time period (between the present and the past). ie. you could go to the Magic Kingdom on Opening Day, hop over to EPCOT in 1996, stop off at DAK for the opening of Everest and finish off at DHS for Fanastmics first performance.

    Now I'll be generous, you can elect to spend one day hopping between all four parks or four days in each park and a specific time period in each park.

    Hope I've explained that well. Like I said, its a pretty goofy idea, but I just wondered what would be seen as the most popular time periods.


    Here's my 'trip'.

    Magic Kingdom (1994). Tomorrowland was yet to begin its slide towards over characterisation, with classics Mission to Mars and Dreamflight still open.

    DHS (1990) Hollywood Blvd. has yet to fling its gates open, which is a shame.. but at least there's no Hat and the Backlot Tour still takes a 30-40 mins.

    Late Afternoon
    DAK (2014) I chose to stay in the present for this hop. The park is probably better now than it ever has been.

    EPCOT (1988) I've decided that rather than go back to '83 to ride Horizons on its first day, I'll jump to '88 and still enjoy the classics before having dinner in the World Showcase and enjoying the new nighttime extravaganza IllumiNations.

    Late Evening
    Pleasure Island (2007 / NYE 1939) That's right, I'm completing this day with a stop at the old Club. You wouldn't expect anything else would you?

    "We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." -
    Walt Disney

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    Re: If you could park-hop and time travel

    Magic Kingdom would be in the mid-1990s. Before the castle was turned into a cake.

    Epcot would be around 1990. Horizons, World of Motion, Wonders of Life, and Journey into Imagination are all open and operating at full blast.

    Disney Studios: ALso mid-1990s, No hat, but also Tower of Terror. The tour is still fairly extensive.

    Animal Kingdom is pretty good right now. There's nothing gone that I miss.

    I'd love for Pleasure Island in the mid 1990s, so The Adventurers' Club is still open.

    Also, Discovery Island would still be open at that time.

    I guess the mid 1990s really were a Golden Age for the resort!

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: If you could park-hop and time travel

      Here's mine:

      Magic Kingdom (1990). Keel Boats, Skyway, Mr. Toad, and 20,000 leagues under the sea would all be on my "must do" list.

      Noon - Early afternoon
      (1980) River Country!

      Late afternoon - Early Evening
      Disney/MGM Studios (1995) Watch -Ace Venture, Pet Detective- live stunt show.

      Later Evening
      EPCOT (1988) Horizons, World of Motion and then dinner at the Rose and Crown while watching Illuminations!
      Waiting for Godot


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        Re: If you could park-hop and time travel

        Magic Kingdom 1993: A magical time after Splash mountain opened but before 20,000 Leagues under the sea closed. I get to see the old Tomorrowland architecture but I like the Timekeeper and Alien Encounter better than American Journeys and Mission to Mars. Can I use a multi-day ticket to come back a couple years later?

        EPCOT Center: Any time between the opening of the Maelstrom in 1988 and the closing of Communicore in 1994. There is no other time period to even consider.

        Disney/MGM Studios: 1995: The Tower of Terror is open but the backlot tour hasn't been hacked to pieces yet.

        Animal Kingdom 1994: Yes, this is before the park opened, but I would use the opportunity and my time travel powers to convince Disney execs to build Beastly Kingdom instead of Dinoland USA. "The Dinosaur movie in 2000 will bomb HARD, but in 1997 a book named Harry Potter will be released, it will be this generation's Star Wars. Between that and the success of the Lord of The Rings movies the Fantasy genre will be the focus of the film industry for years so you would do well to get ahead of the curve. PS. Buy Marvel now before Universal gets the theme park rights. I know it sounds crazy but in the late 2000s comic book movies replace fantasy as the dominant blockbuster genre. Don't let Sony and Fox get Spider-Man, the Fantastic 4, or the X-Men either. You're welcome."

        My victory lap would be another day in the mid 90s at River Country and Discovery Island topped by a night at Pleasure Island barhopping between the Adventurer's Club and Comedy Warehouse... Does my age change when I time travel or can I be old enough to drink this time around?
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