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Questionable Article - 5 WDW Attractions to Shut Down???


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  • News Questionable Article - 5 WDW Attractions to Shut Down???

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    Walt Disney World planning a 'Frozen' ride; set to shut down five attractions - Portland Disney Travel |

    I don't trust that article. Seems like a very ill informed reporter. Some of those rumors have already been quashed. This reporter cites no sources for their information, and reads as if they are not a Disney expert at all. It is written in very laymen language. Star Wars land in the studio has been put on hold, and there have been absolutely no rumors about Great Movie ride other than fan speculation and wishful thinking. Same can be said about A Frozen ride. All that has been said is that something is planed for Frozen. No definite plans have been laid out, and the Maelstrom removal is nothing more than a fan created rumor out of armchair Imagineering. To say Soarin' is closing is misinformation. They are just upgrading it. The fact that Captain EO is going to close is not news to anyone, and using the fountains in the Polynesian to round out your list to five is a stretch. I would take this article with more than a grain of salt. I would take it with a few tea spoons.

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    Re: Questionable Article - 5 WDW Attractions to Shut Down???

    Move along, nothing to see here...

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      Re: Questionable Article - 5 WDW Attractions to Shut Down???

      Examiner is a site that lets anyone publish an article without checking facts. I'd take this article with a tiny grain of salt.


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        Re: Questionable Article - 5 WDW Attractions to Shut Down???

        Once you leave a Disney site like MiceChat or Miceage, you will never get facts.

        You get rumors and opinions, and some of the most basic tips. Roller coaster park is coming so drink lots of water.
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