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A perfect Haunted Mansion ride through


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  • [Idea] A perfect Haunted Mansion ride through

    I'm headed to WDW this winter, and couldn't be more excited. However, previous visits to the mansion have always been marred by an awful lot of sound contamination from the neighboring Doom Buggies. So I've decided to solve the problem myself. I've been arranging all the sound effects in order, and I'm going to build a perfect audio ride through. While on the ride I can put on sound isolating headphones, and hopefully I'll see what's it's like to hear everything perfectly.

    Of course, the sync will be off on things like Madame Leota, and the singing busts, but I want to see what it will be like to focus the audio in and remove the distraction of the other soundtracks. Currently my plan is to start my track at the lowering of the safety bar dialog so that thing will be at least partially synchronized by the constant motion of the ride.

    Which brings me to my trouble, after spending too many evening scrounging for a HM ride through video on youtube that is recent, without edits, without ride breakdowns, and with clean enough audio that I can line up the effects, I'm at a loss.

    Anyone out there have a mansion video taken after the most recent refurbishment, and is a clean ride through?

    Let me know, and thanks in advance.

    P.S. - I'm also building one for Disneyland, which I'm posting about in the other forum. Videos from California welcome as well.