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September Disney World trip...excitement!

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  • [Question] September Disney World trip...excitement!

    Hello All! I'll be making another trek to the sunshine state this September. I've been many times in Early June and late January but this will be my first time during September.

    I'll get there September 6 so about a week after labor day. How are crowds? Weather? Any other things to look out for? I'm also staying at Beach Club for the first time, any thoughts?

    Also on the flip side we are making a detour to Universal to check out Diagon Alley. What are the crowds like at the Universal parks during this time? I'm sure Diagon Alley will be busy

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    Re: September Disney World trip...excitement!

    From my experience, September is the least crowded time to go. I live in Tampa, and I will be staying for a few days at Port Orleans Riverside in September, because it is the absolute best time to go. Just after all the kids go back to school and just before Halloween festivities (which many travel down for).

    It's still hot in September, but thankfully you won't have to deal with the daily thunderstorms that roll through every summer afternoon.

    I had a pass to Universal and IoA the year WWoHP opened. I went September of that year, and it was dead. 15 minute wait for Forbidden Journey.

    Definitely a great time to visit the theme parks!

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