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Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone


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  • [Question] Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

    In two weeks I am going with some family to WDW. There is one day where I will be going to the Magic Kingdom by myself. I am very excited about it. I am just trying to figure out exactly what I have time to do while I am there.
    I honestly want to experience all the things NOT at Disneyland (because I go there all the time). I want to make the most of my time in MK, so what would be the best, must see,and single rider rides and attractions I can do (different or not in Disneyland)?
    Is it easy going around there by myself? And do many rides even have single rider lines?

    Also, would it be easy to go to Be Our Guest for lunch by myself? How horrible is the wait for that? Is it really worth the wait?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

    My first advice for you is get there early. Then hit as many popular rides as you can as early as you can.
    The thing that may challenge you a bit, is even the rides the two parks share are different from each other. But if you want real differences, I'd take a look at the Disney site, and take inventory of what they have. Personally, I give priority to the Stitch ride in Tomorrowland, Monsters inc. Laugh Factory, Carousel of Progress, Philharmagic, Country Besrs, and PeoplecMover. Some that we have that are different enough to prioritize are Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Winnie the Pooh, Tree House.
    Some of these you can hit later in the day based on crowds, so you can manage it, but you'll be busy doing it.
    dont forget, now everything is about making reservations, so do it. This goes for e Be Our Guest restaurant, as well.(I have never eaten there, so I can't give my opinions.)
    later in the day, during peak crowd time, you should be able to take in the sights more, and enjoy the different lands. Priority for me is the New Fantasyland. But that's just me.
    have a great time and post many photos.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

      ORDDU: Obviously you're going to get different answers and opinions from different people but I'd recommend the new dwarf coaster. (The Stitch ride receives a lot of complaints for being much ado about nothing so I wouldn't recommend that one.) The Beast restaurant is over-priced for the food it offers but the atmosphere and beauty of the place might make it worth your while. Space Mountain is a much bumpier ride in Florida than it is in California. Just be aware of that. The new parade is spectacular so I'd recommend seeing it, too, unless you're not into parades.


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        Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

        This is just quick off the top of my head and just from observation, not science.

        Unique to the Magic Kingdom
        Carousel of Progress
        Hall of Presidents
        Sitch's Great Escape
        Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor
        Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
        Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
        Mickey's Philharmagic
        Country Bear Jamboree
        Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
        The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

        Generally Considered Better at the Magic Kingdom
        The Haunted Mansion
        The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
        Splash Mountain
        Astro Orbiter

        Generally Considered Better at Disneyland
        Walt Disney World Railroad
        Pirates of the Caribbean
        Tomorrowland Speedway (Autopia)
        Peter Pan's Flight
        Enchanted Tiki Room
        Liberty Belle (Mark Twain)
        Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
        "it's a small world"
        Jungle Cruise
        Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
        Space Mountain

        Near Identical
        Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid (queue is different and better)
        The Barnstormer (mirror of Gadget's Go Coaster)
        Mad Tea Party
        Prince Charming Regal Carousel
        Dumbo, the Flying Elephant (double and different surroundings)


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          Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

          I did a solo trip in Feb, and it's plenty easy to get around. Unfortunately there are no SR lines in MK (the only ones are EE in AK and RnRC in HS) but if you are staying on site take advantage of EMH if offered and book your FP+ ASAP (you can do this even if not staying on site as long as you link your ticket to your MDE account).

          If staying onsite you can attempt to book a lunch FP for BOG. Also check for cancellations for dinner ADRs as I liked the atmosphere much better than at lunch. I think it is worth it if you love BatB but I wouldn't wait the 30-60 minute wait for lunch. Here's the link for the BOG fastpass, note it is not connected to your in park FPs so no worries with that. You'll need your onsite reservation number for this.

          As for rides, the dwarf coaster would be a big one, but expect lengthy waits. Their Space is the same ride system as DLR's Matterhorn, so, as previously mentioned, don't expect the smooth ride of ours. BTMRR is similar, but there's felt more spread out, with longer straight segments. splash is also very similar (it was closed when I went) but is a two seater, so that would be fun just to see the differences. I also enjoyed their Peter Pan at least as much as ours, because the set pieces are much larger so you feel like you are flying through them, not just far above them.
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            Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

            Main Street Electrical Parade.


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              Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

              Its really very pleasant to hear this. I am looking forward to visit the place as soon as possible.


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                Re: Magic Kingdom for the first time: And alone

                I just went to MK by myself, and found as long as you schedule FastPass+, it doesn't matter a lot what time you get there. It's been open until 1 am, and that's plenty of time to hit everything. I recommend the following (though some are found in Disneyland it's unique enough at MK to go on)...

                Seven Dwarves Mine Train
                Space Mountain
                Haunted Mansion
                Carousel of Progress
                Jungle Cruise
                Belle's Enchanted Tales (though mostly an interactive show, the beginning has great effects)
                Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater (he talks and interacts with you)
                Stitch's Great Escape
                Monster's Inc Laugh Floor (though it could be awkward by yourself and I didn't do it because of that)

                I'd watch the parades and fireworks. All else is up to your discretion.

                Be Our Guest restaurant is fine for lunch by yourself. Just know that it averages a 45 minute line just to order! Cosmic Ray's is quicker and a lot of fun as an alternative.


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