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  • [Pictures] Disney's Animal Kingdom UNICORN

    Why this trip down memory lane? Recently I purchased an item from Disney and have been trying to find photos of it. I bought, the UNICORN. Since construction is underway for Avatar, they have cleared out the entire area and the Unicorn was just sitting backsatge after it had removed from the rivers edge. I thought I had taken pictures on the boat ride, but since it was a busy time opening the park, I guess I never did. I also cannot find any photos online of either the Unicorn or the Lances and Suits of Armor. I have blueprints showing the placement of the items, but I cannot find any pictures of the Unicorn in the park.

    Thnaks so much!
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    Re: Disney's Animal Kingdom UNICORN

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    I ask two things. One, can you recreate the scene you described with the stone house ruins and the dragon cave with the fire and the lances, and then the unicorn? Maybe with a moat/"river" running along the entire scene? Two, can I come see it once it's done!

    Also, welcome to MiceChat!

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