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i'm excited about my trip

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  • [Fun] i'm excited about my trip

    Hi, i am so excited for my first trip to DisneyWold. I need to know all the must sees at DisneyWorld. I am so excited that i am asking this question 2 years in advance. all the help will be planed into my trip. Also i would like to know the best strategies to do a challenge i herd about: how to get to all 4 parks in one day. what DisneyWorld hotels would you recommend thanks.
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    Re: i'm excited about my trip

    I know everyone feels differently about hotels, but I've never had a bad experience at a Disney Hotel. In my experience, they're all different degrees of good. That said, the one I'd personally most like to stay at is the Wilderness Lodge. Why? I just find the theme the most beautiful and relaxing. I'm going in a couple of years, and I hope I get to stay there!

    Must sees? I guess "everything" is too broad of an answer. For me, my list of favorites includes:
    American Adventure and Spaceship Earth in Epcot, and The Great Movie Ride in the Studios. As I think about it, those are about the only rides that I would really feel I'm missing out an important part of my trip if I couldn't go on them for some reason.
    That list could be a lot longer, but I'm trying to narrow it down.

    No matter where you go, there you are.