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Parking/transportation at WDW


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  • [Question] Parking/transportation at WDW

    My family and I are heading to Orlando for a week in September. We are staying at a time share fairly close to downtown disney and was wondering what everyone thinks our best bang for our buck is for parking and transportation is at WDW. We rented a car.

    Several Options:
    • Park at each Park at $17 per day
    • Timeshare Shuttle $12 one way ($24 a day)
    • Taxi $(?)

    Does anyone know of any ways for free parking or cheaper parking/transportation? I know price wise between shuttle and parking ourselves is an obvious but maybe someone can justify a preference with a shuttle over parking. . .

    I will take any tips or ideas



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    Re: Parking/transportation at WDW

    Timeshare shuttles normally have very limited schedules, so I would suggest that you drive, and pay for the parking. It gives you more flexibility for coming and going. Especially, when staying for the late night entertainment at the Disney themeparks.


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      Re: Parking/transportation at WDW

      seems pretty easy to me, If you already have the car drive it. sure its $5 more a day but the huge amount of convenience you get from having your car there is a no brainer. you can come and go whenever you want, park hop wherever you want to go, bring extra stuff with you like rain gear and leave it in the trunk just in case, theres just so much extra flexibility you gain that paying a mere 5 dollars more a day is an easy choice. the only reason I would see to taking the shuttle is if you want to have a few drinks which i would be partial to myself but in that scenario what you make up in enjoyment from that perspective you loose in the added convenience I just mentioned above. hope this helps.


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        Re: Parking/transportation at WDW

        I have parked at Downtown Disney for free when visiting. Last time I went to DTD, we went to T-Rex, Characters in Flight (the big balloon) and a trip on the Sassagoula River Cruise for beignets at PO:FQ. I have also parked at on-site hotels for free when enjoying something like lunch at PO:RS, or an evening at Jellyrolls at Boardwalk. They just write down your drivers license info and your license plate number and invite you in.

        However, I have never left my car at DTD or a resort I wasn't staying at while I visited the parks. I am sure Disney would consider this breaking the rules, and you could very well receive the "Adam The Woo Treatment".

        I'm going to go ahead and make a guess that this thread is going to be closed. Threads like this tend to incite conversations about breaking the rules and/or law.

        Just pay for the parking at the parks for the car you rented, and enjoy your time!

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          Re: Parking/transportation at WDW

          We ended up using uber after taking the monorail, or bus transportation back from magic kingdom to something like epcot then to boardwalk or a resort closest to highway 4 where our timeshare was on the other side. This cost a family of 4 roughly 8-11 max each way (no need to tip as it's included).

          Worked out great after enjoying a few cocktails at the resorts

          The timeshare resort shuttles were pricey and they wanted reservations a day in advance. lol No thank you!
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