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Jack evicted, Elsa has moved in.

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  • [Question] Jack evicted, Elsa has moved in.

    I do not know how long ago this has happened, but it was news to me that in the Christmas store in Downtown Disney now doesn't have anything Jack, or Nightmare Before Christmas related and the room which had those things inside is completely transformed into Frozen Palooza. Also, outside of that area is playing Frozen music non-stop.

    How recent is this? And is the Nightmare Before Christmas merch somewhere else? I noticed one sock in the Christmas store (as far as I've seen nothing else) and The Art of Disney has only a couple of pieces related to the characters. Is all the merchandise in the main Disney store, or is it gone period?

    Like I said, may not be a surprise to others (since this might have happened awhile ago and Frozen is insanely popular), I haven't been in DTD in awhile, but I thought it was drastic to not even make a little bit of room for Jack and the other merchandise somewhere else in the store. It's one of the few Disney films that focuses on Christmas.

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    Re: Jack evicted, Elsa has moved in.

    hollywood studios has a store on sunset blvd always partially dedicated to nightmare before christmas however regarding DHS I would probably check world of disney.