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Magic Kingdom Architecture & Landscape '72 Style - Restored Film

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  • Video Magic Kingdom Architecture & Landscape '72 Style - Restored Film

    Our podcast goes live tomorrow, but until then, here is a newly restored film from our Imageworks department...

    If there is one thing that stands out in this film, it is the blue water... Seriously, the Rivers of America, the canals around the castle, the water in Adventureland has an almost fake looking blue tint to it. I can only assume a dye was used. Anyway, aside from the blue water this film really highlights the architecture of the park because whoever took it focused on buildings, landscape, fountains and other items that most people would overlook. Through Main Street USA and into Libery Square we go...some indoor shots of some shops are in here as well as evidence of a Florida afternoon rain shower.

    The skyway was closed on the day this was taken...even back then a cast member stood guard at the entrance, fending off any would be trespassers and politely informing guests that the ride was closed for the day.

    Technical Details: The color on this film was semi faded to start with, and in the end its just OK by my standards. Scene by scene adjustments is not warranted in this case as there is nothing really special in the film that would require massive restoration efforts.

    Video Here:
    The way you remember it...

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    Re: Magic Kingdom Architecture & Landscape '72 Style - Restored Film

    Another great video ! overweight employees seen, as there is today.