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  • [Question] Memory Maker Question

    Has anyone had any trouble with this? We just purchased it today in the park and was told all of our pictures of today would be on it. So far nothing is showing up except the pictures we had taken before we got the memory maker. And it is not letting me download them. It wants me to pay for them but the girl who set up our card at EPCOT told us she linked those pics to the memory maker card. Well obviously she didn't.

    Also our Luau pictures taken after we bought the memory maker are not in my account either. I did link the card to my disney experience. Does it have anything to do with smartphones? I don't have one and have to rely on my computer when I get to the room. I hate to have paid 199 for nothing. Do I go back to a photo shop and ask them or is there someone I call? Confused.

    I miss the good old days of paying that price above for a photo cd that I can take anywhere and have prints made.