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Chief Big Thunder?


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  • Chief Big Thunder?

    Being from NH originally, home of the former and greatly missed 'old man of the mountain', maybe i'm reading into this too much....but is this thr profile of a potential Chief Big Thunder atop BTMRR?

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    Sorry, I just don't see it. Anyway, BTMRR is about a mine car railroad, nothing to do with Indian Chiefs,right???


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      old man of the mountain

      Yup. I can see the chief....I also miss the old man ....I live only about 15 min. from Franconia Notch!


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        BTMRR is about an indian curse placed on a mountain that if the mountain is disturbed, a great disaster will occur. at DL, its an earthquake (which is where the pulsating rocks come from in WDW) and at WDW its a flood.


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          interesting piece of lore. where did you hear this? or, if you just made it up .. nice one.


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            I dont remember where I read it.

            its google time...

            found it!


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              I can see the face- cool stories


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                intersting. thunder mountain is one of my facorite rides. when i moved here to orlando from los angeles...i was pretty dissapointed with the lack of effects in this thunder. disneyland (while it was closed due to the death) refurbed the entire ride .. adding digital effects and sound. this one, at wdw, like most of their rides are still working the 70's effect systems.


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                  Really? I've followed the Big Thunder story pretty closely, and this is the first I've heard about any new digital effects and sound on DL's ride. Can you confirm this? Or someone else? I'm not saying it's not true - just that I haven't heard about it.


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                    I can definately confirm, I used to live in LA and had been on it numerous times before and after the refurb. All new paint, lighting, sound, and effects. Most notably in the 'earthquake scene' where they added a digital projector to enhance the effect of rocks falling and also enhancing the gold dust lighting falling from the ceiling.

                    Mind you, this was probably about a year/year and a half ago. Right after it re-opened from the 'accident'.


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                      Sorry, I don't see the resemblance. Looks more like the cigar store Indian on Main Street to me :lol:
                      Charlie :wave:
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                        Oh wow! I see it, but perhaps the power of suggestion comes into play....

                        The top segment is the headdress, and the next section down on the left side is the face... the little blackish knob resembles a nose.

                        Interesting... wonder if this was intentional.... I doubt I'd never seen this if it hadn't been pointed out, so thanks!


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