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RnRCoaster: Is there something I don't get?


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  • RnRCoaster: Is there something I don't get?

    Alright, this post is going to sound a little weird, but here it is anyway: I enjoy seeing the rides I don't get here on the west coast, and downloaded someone's video-recorded ride of the Rock N Roller Coaster. I didn't figure it was going to look that good as I've heard the ride is quite rough, but it came out with better quality than I expected.

    However, something I noticed is that once the ride took off I couldn't see much of anything. It seemed like the whole thing was Aerosmith music blaring with a white light flashing in everyone's face regularly. As though they simply built a room, put the coaster in, put a strobelight in the dead center and said "There."

    Is this really how it is? Does the whole ride simply depend on the motions of the ride matching the soundtrack, or was all the theming on the left and right? Because if what I saw is the ride, then I'd say Space Mountain in Paris definitely had a leg up in on-ride theming as far as these more complicated Disney coasters go.

    Again, sorry if that sounds like a dumb question, but I've never seen RnR and was kind of suprised to see an "Okay, that's enough" experience that looked like something out of Six Flags.

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    You are blasting off through LA traffic to a concert.. you have a privet radio listening to it on your way.. you do pass firmiliar landmarks like the sign and road signs on the way..... and if you look at constrction... it is one giant room.... with strobes and some themeing... thats what makes the ride work....


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      The road signs and the Hollywood sign etc in MGM are lit up using mainly UV, but you're right about it being fairly light on themeing.
      The best part, theme wise, is the unloading dock where it looks like the entrance to a concert/club.
      Plus, the pre-show is pretty good.

      The Paris RnR is themed differently (it's got speaker stacks and lighting rigs surrounding the track and is supposed to be mid-concert) but it's just as lightly themed. The pre-show in Paris is the same set-up but with a different story - some nonsense about testing new Aerosmith vehicles.
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        Alright, so it sounds like this ride doesn't really hold up to De la Terre a la Lune in the ride decorations department. Thanks for the explination.


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          Speaking of the RnR....

          Am I losing it? I've only been on the coster twice (damn lines!) but I was left with the impression that during the loops I was looking at road signs that had been hung upside down giving the impression that I was still right side up. Is this the case?
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            The best parts [theme-wise] of Rock 'n' Rollercoaster are the entrance and exit areas. The alleyway and concert entrance is perfect. The ride itself is basically music, loops, and signs that light up along the way. I've never noticed upside-down signs, but they could be there.

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              I'm not sure how much theming on the ride itself is needed. You only get a quarter of a second (if you're lucky) to look at any one thing. It's a fast roller coaster. BTW I like it.


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                I think you can actually see a lot more around you on the ride than you can on Space Mountain, so it's kinda different, but when comparing California and Screamin and Rock N' Rollercoaster, I think Screamin is way better.



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                  I think the best part of this ride is the pre-show! It all ties in so perfectly.

                  The ride itself probably doesn't transfer to video too well... when you're on the ride, it looks more like a cartoonish version of LA.

                  It's just a neatly done ride that tells a cute little story! Definitely one of the best things at WDW.


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                    It's been a few years since I've been out to WDW, but I think the preshow with the entrance and exit alleys make the ride all by itself. I agree with xzoocrew that the ride itself doesn't need much themeing since it is a faster coaster. I also agree that the ride itself probably doesn't transfer to video very well.


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                      I can see where a video of RnR would convey a lack of theming on the ride itself. As PeaJay18 said, they seem to use blacklight on the signs along the route. Probably to keep the overall light in the building to a minimum. But, with the 1/4 second you get to see each sign, the dimmness doesn't seem to be distracting while riding in person.

                      RnR is one of the best themed in recent years. The stretch-neck guitar entrance, lobby of GForce records queue, and back alley ride-entrance all combine to really set the mood. As for the actual ride experience, to each his own. I've ridden both Screamin' and RnR numerous times, and I love them both. Smooth launch and pure speed!
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