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Someone wants changes to the COP


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    Originally posted by TDLFAN
    That was the new beginning placed there when COP had the last big refurbishment years ago, the one that restored the original song to the show... right?
    They also added "Walt Disney's" to the title.
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      Originally posted by Labuda

      Nah, just kidding, I can sill be your friend. Need a TDR contact, after all. :bow:
      I feel so used.


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        Originally posted by BurningStroller
        I'm pretty sure. Not the COP expert.

        But IMHO have the coolest 'handle' on this board ----- LMAO


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          COP is a great attraction -- but, I think we all can agree, the factual representations of progress needs to "progress".. car phones, virtual reality, hi-def..

          Of course, I'd adore for the scenes to be updated, but every time I see the show, I enjoy it. Recently, my sister (from Maine) came to visit and a group of us went to WDW:MK and she specifically requested to see COP, and based on our time constraint, chose that over Space Mountain.

          My favorite scene is the swingin' 20's (second scene). Whats yours?

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            really, all I want to see changed is the part of the dialogue where he talks about "two brothers from North Carolina..." The Wright Brothers were from Ohio. They simply flew their first plane in NC.


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              Originally posted by TDLFAN
              <---Singing.. "now it's the time... now, it's the best time of your life.."
              Don't quite like the Beautiful tomorrow tune as much.
              I'm guessing you heard the Now Is The Time theme before you heard Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, right? Most people are devoted to the theme they saw first. I was watching this show since it went into DL in the mid-60's, so GBBT is the only song for me (not that I'm disagreeing with you or anything . . .).


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                Since the Sherman Bros wrote them both, they're equally wonderful ... I grew up with Now Is the Time (more of a 70s and 80s idea if you think about it), but love Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow as well.


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                  In addition to the Post-It note, have you taken a close look at the Mother's laptop? it says "How many more times do we have to sing this song?" :lol:

                  Having a degree in Theater, I got a definite kick out of it.


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