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Value for food and drink at WDWR


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  • Value for food and drink at WDWR

    OK, I really don't know whether it is the weakness of the dollar compared to the pound, but I found food and drink at WDWR to be of fantastic value. Granted we weren't eating in dazzling restaurants in France @ Epcot every night, but possibly the best meal I have ever huge cup of Diet Coke was amazing! I must lead a sad life if I get excited over prices of Diet Coke, but the value for money was really good. But I suppose if a price goes down at WDW, another must go up; pins are extortionate. I remember they days when they were $5.99. And now they want me to pay $3 dollars extra, in two years? *rolleyes*

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    Re: Value for food and drink at WDWR

    I've got to wonder if you've traveled anywhere else in America. Perhaps the prices are good at Disney compared to your home, but compared to MY home they're pretty high. Not that I'm complaining - I've just gotten used to paying $2.50 for a soda while on vacation. That same bottle of soda is usually around 89 cents from a 7-11 store.


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      Re: Value for food and drink at WDWR

      Yes but I think if you look at it compared to other theme parks and amusements it is a good value. Sports stadiums are expensive...and for the price of food and lunch at Six Flags, Disney is a real deal. And some of the meals like Coke and Hot Dogs at Casey's Corner are very enjoyable, much more so than some of the food at places like stadiums.


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        Re: Value for food and drink at WDWR

        I have to say Disney is not that bad a price either when I compare it with my 2 most local theme parks Hersheypark and Dorneypark &Wildwater Kingdom (same park just 2 diffent sections one water and the other regular rides). They are cheaper or right on par with the sports complexes for our local sports teams too. So I can't complain either. If I'm spending the money I'd rather be spending it there (well duh).
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          Re: Value for food and drink at WDWR

          In my country we pay three goats and our wife's mother just for an ounce of soda and a kaiser roll!!


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