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I just rode 'Soarin' at EPCOT


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  • I just rode 'Soarin' at EPCOT

    I took my place in on hand and sanpped a couple of pics of the CMs in action. Their new costumes are very classy looking in neon navy jackets, troussers or dresses for the ladies, complete with epaulettes, and hangglider pin attached to them, with attraction logo motif on their ties and scarfs. Quite neat! However...the entire ensemble looks nice on guys, but on ladies...looks great if they have a figure, but the choice of neon navy does not look all that flattering on the ladies of fuller figure... It was like looking at a Delta Airlines old timer flying under the Song Air division. A bit off.

    We were then escorted backstage in the unflattering area between The Land and Imagination. I was told to put my camera away by the CM and to never even think about taking pictures in the backstage area. I guess she was on to me and it worked since I felt totally cohivited from taking any more pictures from this point on...
    Anyways... the CM went on to explain what 'Soarin' was all about..etc, that the queue was iinspired by airports from around the World etc etc, construction is still going on... etc etc... Then we entered the building thru a side door and into the lobby area where 'Soarin's main indoor entrance is. My immediate thought was..."nice ultra cool lounge feel to it". The FP and Standby line set up is up, and so are the FP machines to the immediate right of the entrance right where guests come out of the ride. We proceeded down the cavernous queue area and after waiting about 7 minutes in a small hallway (similar to DCA's queue), we were then sorted into the different lines in three "gate" areas from where we are led into the main theater for the show, again..similar to DCA's set up.

    The show inside the theater is the same as DCA... same movie, with same smells and same Xmastime finale at Disneyland, which I love! So in that regard, expect no surprises if you have been on the original 'Soaring Over California' ride. After the ride ended, we all go out the left side into the long hallway just one level below but next to the area we came into the ride. We were then led to towards the exit, passing by the FP distribution area and out the door into the backstage area and back into Future World the same way we went in.

    Now... I have to say, the ride remains as simple as it is in DCA, and fun too. An example that less is sometimes more, and 'Soarin' delivers a ride where the entire family can ride together and have fun. However...the big improvement here over DCA's version is the queue area. The queue is done in very contemporary decor with stylish attraction logo light up signs, neon lights and lighting effects. They also have a huge wall with pictures from the himalayas and other areas of the World, with trivia info from those areas on plasma TV monitors built into the walls. The queue alone is inviting, airy, well lit and rather lovely. The only area where the queue's decor goes out the window and becomes unsightly, is at the very last down platform before we are shown to our respective gates.. Here (just DCA's) the queue becomes a small hallway with nothing but a plain looking ceiling with pipes and A/C equipment exposed for all to see. I did however like the wallpaper which resembled straw-like macrame. All in all, the queue's decor elevated the entire experience in a design that combines contemporary feel with a dash of art deco to recreate the feel of those good old glamorous days of air travel.

    Out by the immediate entrance into the 'Soarin' queue, I also spotted what may be the new look for the rest of the pavillion (maybe?) which was dark wood paneling and other light colors with aluminum accents. There was also a reservations tour desk which I assume will be the spot where guests can sign up for the "Seeds of the World" tours on The Land's greenhouses.

    In the end...I was impressed with the lovely queue and was quite entertained by the ride again, and am sure this is a welcomed addition to EPCOT's lineup. But do take I suspect this line to be painfully slow as it is at DCA.
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    Thanks for sharing this with us! I can't wait to ride it in May when I am down!
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      Isn't the WDW version double? Twice as big as DCA's attraction I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      And you can see the line queue photos on


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        Darn... I was hoping they would forget that no camera were allowed backstage... (not even cell phones or PDAs out..)

        Mice Trip Report.... I can't wait till i experance the whole pavilion in late may....


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          what time did you go? I've been twice now with no luck. Once last Saturday (I weekend 'tours') and Yesterday (got there around 4 just as the LAST group was leaving the area).


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            [QUOTE=Bill]Isn't the WDW version double? Twice as big as DCA's attraction I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

            As far as I know, the DCA version also has two theaters just like Epcot's, is it not? Only the queue is like 8 times bigger than DCA's... But I don't get to DLR often now a days, so someone correct me about the dual theaters.


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              Originally posted by BurningStroller
              what time did you go? I've been twice now with no luck. Once last Saturday (I weekend 'tours') and Yesterday (got there around 4 just as the LAST group was leaving the area).
              It was today the 22nd at around 5:35pm when I was there.


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                Both DCA and Epcot are double. The DCA building looks smaller because almost half of it is underground. If it wasn't the building would probably be visible from anywhere in Anaheim. As we know, if they even stuck a shovel in the ground at Epcot they'd probably get water.


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                  LOL!!! So true so true...

                  Anyways... photos from around EPCOT during my short visit.

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                    Sounds like you were pleased, TDLFAN. And we know how tough that is. I expect that I'll enjoy Soarin because it's a highlight everytime I visit DCA. I still can't help, but find fault with Disney though for sticking an exact duplicate at Epcot when they could have spent some money and made a unique attraction using the exact technology ... imagine all the vistas you could fly over (heck, you could even end with some fututuristic type vision).

                    But I bet Soarin, in its current form, will be a huge hit with guests. And unlike Test Track, I'll be enjoying it myself as well.


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                      Now the epcot experience is getting more balance in the kinds of attractions it has and their age appeal. the thrill factor lives on several levels. With all the new stuff like Space, Soarin' and Turtle Talk, EPCOT is worth seeing again for everyone!
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                        Think of what you said about the film being the same.. This is aGift from DL.. thus change the name and we ahve a new attraction.... what people forget is that the budget for this year only put in the fiscal year might be a new movie....


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                          Turtle Talk?


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                            You've not heard of Turtle Talk yet? Wow! Anyhow, you can read up on it here:


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                              Turtle Talk?

                              I think you mean "Turtle Talk with Crush "(turtle from Finding Nemo)
                              (it took a second for me to figure this out...)...

                              It actually uses a very similar technology to Talking to Stich in Innoventions
                              in DL. (or so I've heard). However instead of a small screen in Stich, it's a projection
                              onto a screen that seems to be a water tank. I can't wait to see it next month!!


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