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100% PROOF that WDW is stealing the 50th


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  • 100% PROOF that WDW is stealing the 50th

    Now WDW feels sooooo THREATENED that they feel the need to "attack" DL on its home turf. DISGUSTING.

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    NO attacking going on, Otown. They're advertising the great delas where you work on the west coast... that's ALL, dude. Take a pill and calm down!

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      I just can't understand this need of DL regulars to have the celebration all to themselves. Disney is a corporation, folks, and has money making as its goal. If they can piggy back onto DL's thing in the other parks around the world, how is that in any way hurting DL's thing? What hurt DL was Pressler and Harriss not anticipating the importance of this date until it was too late. Ouimet has done a killer job of sprucing the place up, bringing Buzz online, and rushing the completion of Space Mountain to coincide with the anniversary date. Other than that, there just wasn't much that they could do with the massive neglect of the past administration.

      And as someone else said, Disney has decided to celebrate the birth of the theme park, rather than concentrating on DL alone. Good synergy, good money making potential, just good business all around. People that talk about WDW horning in on DL's fun should try to remember that they're all run by the same people.


      • #4
        I don't mind the promotions for other parks. I just wish they wouldn't call it the happiest celebration on earth. it should have been titled DL 50th anniversary and there are deals going on in all of our parks. the synergy is great, but the ads hardley ever elude to DL 50th.


        • #5
          I'm heading to WDW this summer, so I'm hoping all the tourists head out here to Anaheim, keep them away from Orlando! All are welcome! All are welcome!
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          But pity the warrior who has slain all his enemies.


          • #6
            besdies WDW relies on these celebrations to get the locals.. DL has themn already...

            DL is doing this for the tourists... WDW already has those... They are sharing to get more money..... (spend money on some interesting decorations.. get money back???)


            • #7
              I basically agree with Dan's assessment. The bottom line is it was easier/more cost effective/maybe even smarter to market DL's 50th as a world-wide celebration. It's not like anyone at DL isn't going to realize what's being celebrated. And if folks at WDW don't understand, well that brings to mind an old joke 'How many average WDW guests does it take to screw in a lightbulb?' You can fill in your own punchline.

              The problem I have is all these marketing events start to blend together. Magical Gatherings, 100 Years of Magic, Millennium etc ... to me it shows a profound lack of faith in the core product to attract guests, so they need to come up with something they believe is slick to draw folks in.

              I remember back in 1981 when WDW celebrated its Tencennial with an incredible parade (still the best non-holiday daytime one ever at the Mk), elaborate stage shows, and truly unique merchandise. They also did this with no national advertising whatsoever. But people still came because they wanted to see WDW, the 10th celeb was just a bonus.

              Also, these celebs are getting longer and longer. They usually start at one year or 14 months and then are extended 'due to guest demand' according to the press releases. Really ticks me off. Going back to the Tencennial, it lasted exactly one year (as did the 15th and 20th celebs, if I remember correctly). Started 10-1-81, ended 9-30-82 and EPCOT Center opened the next day.

              Nowadays the special entertainment never ends. A wand at Epcot for the Millennium is there six years later. A 45th Anniversary parade at DL runs until six months before the 50th parade debuts. A 100 Years of Magic snowglobe parade is still going strong with no end in sight ... all this does is cheapen the Disney experience.

              Of course, things aren't like that in Tokyo, are they?


              • #8
                I'm glad the Snowglobes were still running- I did not get to come down for Walt's 100th b-day- so I was upset that I might miss it, but I got to see it last July.

                People can not always plan a vacation in a year- it might take time- so they extend it. So what?


                • #9
                  I also agree, it's not an "US" versus "THEM" kind of situation. It's all the same team. It's all Disney. And they are collectively trying to market this 50th celebration in the biggest, most lucrative way they can.

                  By luring the fans who are already excited by DL's 50th - the AP's who will hit DL effortlessly numerous times during the celebration - they are drawing people to their biggest cash cow, WDW. The resort you can't just swing in for an afternoon for, but have to stay a whole week to do properly and that means big dollars in the pockets of Disney.

                  That's why WDW got rides from all the other parks to celebrate the 50th with, not DL. Because DL is no longer the international destination WDW is and can not hold people on property for a full week, spending money, the way WDW can.

                  Disney are simply marketing the 50th into the biggest success possible for the company as a whole, not to slight DL or seemingly pamper WDW. They don't take sides about it like the fans do. It's all the same bank account.


                  • #10
                    Actually, i see it a little differently. I don't think they consciously made the decision to make additions to other resorts like WDW because of the 50th. These were things that were going to happen anyway. they just couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw them in as part of the hype. The attraction plans came first, then the convenient tie in explanation that they were "gifts" because of the 50th.


                    • #11
                      Bingo, Xharryb. I've been saying for a while now that this is exactly what happened. It's a manufactured celebration, taking advantage of a fortuitous coincidence of special events and new attractions that came under the banner of the 50th celebration. It's another way for Disney to make a nice buck, not that there's anything wrong with that.


                      • #12
                        Oh, who gives a flip? It's all the same division of the same company.

                        Besides, more people going to WDW = less crowds at DL


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by MickeyMania
                          Oh, who gives a flip?
                          Obviously, from the wealth of contributions on this subject both here and on other sites, quite a few people give a flip.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by MickeyMania
                            Besides, more people going to WDW = less crowds at DL
                            Not necessarily, you have to realize just how far apart DL is from WDW. I go to WDW cause it is closer, while DL would be a long, long flight for me. It all depends on what region of the country you are in. Easterners are more likely to go to WDW, while westerners are more likely to go to DL.

                            I haven't put my two cents in this thread yet, so here it goes. Why not let WDW take some glory off of the 50th, I don't think that just because WDW is helping DL to celebrate its 50th that people will pick WDW over DL. I think it is just a marketing thing. It also takes the celebration everywhere. Think about this. What if I can't afford to visit DL for the 50th, and I can't, but still want to get in on the celebration. I can because I can afford to drive down to WDW and stay for a while, therefore I can still catch a little bit of DL's 50th from the celebration at WDW!

                            There is MY two cents. Say what you will.
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                            • #15
                              Being a "California" native, I can understand both sides of the issue. DL is the original. Period. Cut and Dried. It just seems odd that ALL of the other parks would be getting as much if not more attention during DL's 50th. That being said, I agree with danyoung in that this is a business, and there number 1 priority is to make money. When you look at what all the other parks seem to be "getting" as a "gift", it seems to pale in comparison to what the original park is getting. I also agree that due terrible leadership in the past, Matt did what he could do, with the time that he had available.

                              I have to say, that I am going to back to WDW this year with my family and then going to DL with the same group, plus a few more in December partake in the celebration.


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