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Advanced Disney Math 101


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  • Advanced Disney Math 101

    I have allways been confused with what the better value was with the Disney dining package. We just returned from WDW, staying at the Poly in a concierge level lagoon view room in the Hawaii building. Following is the cost breakdown on lodging/meals for a 5 night stay at rack, MYW Dining and AP/DDE rates for the Value season. I booked with an out-of-state Annual pass and also have the Disney Dining Experience card (this saves 20% on food AND booze.) Tips are calculated at 18% for rack and AP costs. Tips are included in the MYW Dining package. PLEASE NOTE: most of the restaurants below are Disney 'signature' restaurants. The MYW Dining would be more economical if other restaurants were chosen, but we like the good stuff!
    Also- The below comparison assumes that you pay for all children's meals and use their dinner credits for adults.
    Hope this helps - Pat

    Room - $2750
    Tickets (2 adults + 2 kids/6 days) - $870
    Hoop De Doo – 189.58
    Kona Caf&#233; – 64.97
    Narcoossees – 227.34
    Prime Time Caf&#233; – 80.13
    San Angel Inn – 78.50
    Yachtsman Steakhouse – 212.69
    Artist Point – 198.47
    Ohana – 182.18
    Ragland Road – 100.13
    Total = $4953.99

    MYW + Dining:
    Room - $2750
    Package – $449.80 (Dining) + 870.00 (Tickets) = $1,319.80
    HoopDe Doo – 8 Dinner Points
    Kona Caf&#233; – $64.97
    Narcoossees – 4 Points ( $84.75 wine/kids)
    Prime Time Caf&#233; – 80.13
    San Angel Inn – $78.50
    Yachtsman – 4 points ($80.75 wine/kids)
    Artist Point – 4 Points ($68.24 wine/kids)
    Ohana – 182.18
    Ragland Road – 100.13
    Total: $4809.45

    DDE + Passholder:
    Tickets (1 adult + 2 kids/6 days) - $635
    Room - $2050
    Hoop De Doo – 151.27
    Kona Caf&#233; – 50.91
    Narcoossees – 186.03
    Prime Time Caf&#233; – 64.37
    San Angel Inn – 62.45
    Yachtsman – 169.54
    Artist Point – 160.82
    Ohana – 137.27
    Ragland Road -84.13
    Total – $3751.00
    *Pass + DDE= $475
    Last edited by JerseyPat; 02-27-2006, 07:59 PM.

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    Re: Advanced Disney Math 101

    Sweet Deals. Combine that with a good Travelocity package and save, SAVE, SAAAAVE!!


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      Re: Advanced Disney Math 101

      THE BEST site for checking airfares is

      They will run your dates through all available airlines and give you 500+ choices complete with times, stops and prices. The guy who started that site is a cusomer service nut.

      Also, just to clarify the above prices for 2 adults and 2 kids + infant:

      MYW + Dining:$4809.45
      AP + DDE: $3751.00 (AP + Dining card is $475 but can be used on multiple trips during the year. You can also book up to three rooms with one AP card)


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        Re: Advanced Disney Math 101

        Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense. I thought the AP break-even period was close to 14 days over the course of the year?


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          Re: Advanced Disney Math 101

          I saved $700 on the room alone with the pass. The break even is dependant on where you stay. Staying at the Poly Concierge makes the est. 20% worth that much more. Rule of thumb is that any Disney 'deluxe' resort will break even with 1 pass at 5 nights (if the room has a view.) A longer stay would be required at value or moderate resorts.

          The more expensive the room, the more the return on the the discounted rate. The AP essentially gave us an upgrade to concierge with a castle and fireworks view for nothing. My ticket was also free. Also look closely at the dining charges above. With the AP, the DDE can cut into a check pretty well, especially if you like a bottle of wine with dinner and a Sambucca afterward. The MYW + Dining does not discount booze which is required when visiting WDW with children aged 6, 5 and 10 months.
          Last edited by JerseyPat; 02-27-2006, 08:53 PM.


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            Re: Advanced Disney Math 101

            Also, we extended our stay and moved to Saratoga Springs for 2 nights after the 5 at Poly were up. WDW Travel quoted me $1080 for a 1 bedroom suite. When I told them I was a passholder, it cut the cost to $720. Not too shabby.


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