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Top Ten pieces of music at WDW


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  • Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

    Lately, I've been really enjoying listening to music from Disney theme parks on live internet radio. It really takes me into the parks, and makes my workday a little easier.

    I also love making Top Ten lists. Just ask my wife and kids. It's a weird quirk.

    With that, I thought I would start a thread of Top Ten (or however many you want to list) pieces of music from WDW. These are the ones that really remind you of everything you love about Disney, and WDW specifically.

    Here's my list:

    10. Ellen's Energy Adventure (exit) - Epcot
    9. Illuminations pre-music - Epcot
    8. Splash Mountain - MK ("How do you do?")
    7. Main Street U.S.A. (loop) - MK
    6. Wishes - MK

    And my Top 5.....

    5. Standing in Motion - Innoventions Fountain - Epcot: of all the songs played at the fountain, this one - from, of all artists... Yanni? is my favorite, and is such an incredibly rich and exciting piece of work, I can't help but "crank it" at work.

    4. Soarin' - Epcot: A truly soaring (excuse the pun) piece of work, that is quite possibly the best-integrated music for any attraction, ever. Beautiful.

    3. Tapestry of Nations - Epcot: I could put this music on a continuous loop in my office and never get sick of it. The combination of the African themed melody, and its variation as it visits the "nations" is truly unique, and rich.

    2. Fantasmic! - MGM: Particularly "Finale". Gets me every time. Building to a creszendo when Mickey appears high above the set (and hearing the cheers - in my head - from the audience).

    and #1.....

    no contest -

    1. Illuminations - Reflections of Earth - Epcot: From start to finish, an amazing, exhilarating, inspiring "journey" that is simply awesome (whether you're watching the show, or just listening to the music). I'm going to throw in "We Go On" and "Promise" because the whole package is just about perfect. I get choked up whenever I listen to it.

    Anyway.... thanks for indulging me. What's yours?

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    Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

    Cool idea - I have so many that I enjoy that I am going to kick myself after I post this for leaving something out or for the order I put them. Oh well, what the hey......

    10) Elsewhere (Future World Background music? - I am forgetting!)
    9) Listen to the Land (formerly of The Land)
    8) If you Had Wings (I LOVED this attraction)
    7) Flitterin' (MK - Main Street)
    6) Celestial Soda Pop (More Future World BGM?)

    Any of these top five are almost interchangeable in my eyes:
    5) Fantasmic (MGM)
    4) Spectromagic
    3) Main Street Electrical Parade (Oh how I miss this one!)
    2) Tapestry of Nations (I LOVED this - Wish it were still there - and I too can listen and never get sick of it!)
    1) Share a Dream Come True (There is something about this one - I can't put my finger on it, but they hit a home run when this one got penned).

    There's my two cents......


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      Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

      I can't rank them, I'm horrible at that, but here are my favorites......

      Tapestry of Nations, Universe of Energy (especially the load music), Living Seas, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Timekeeper, Space Mountain, Epcot Entrance Music, Discovery Island music at AK, Haunted Mansion, and Illuminations Pre-Show Music.
      ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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        Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

        In order of prefference - Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain RR, Soaring, ToT, Carousel of Progress, Ariel's Grotto (opening/closing). Peter Pan Flight, Tea Cups.
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          Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

          Wow, great thread!

          I'm having trouble thinking of a top ten because I like it all. The music that stands out in my mind the most though is Illuminations: Reflections of Earth and the music from Soarin' that order.

          Also I really like the background music playing throughout Futureworld. I think one of the pieces might be a David Arkenstone tune from his pretty cool CD, "In the Wake of the Wind".


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            Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

            I know the Epcot entrance loop is supposed to be attractions music, but then there's that song that you hear on the main Epcot page ( ? Which ride is that from? As I said before, that chorus always sounds like John Williams & orchestra arrived out of nowhere.

            Tomorrowland loop, I like the sound-effects heavy variation of Strange Things and the Carousel songs, and I love the little nod to Adventures Through Inner Space. Too bad it seems out of place because IIRC that ride never escaped DL.

            Spaceship Earth has some memorable short tracks. The sleepy music up the first incline, the renaissance, and that ditty in the tunnel before the top floor. The trip down is not as exciting, half of the music going down sounds like a funeral.

            Otherwise, my other favorite songs are the same favorite songs I have at DL.


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              Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

              TOP 13
              13. Muppet Courtyard Area Music: I love the various muppets singing different songs

              12. Liberty Square Area Music: Gives a definite colonial feel to the area

              11. Fortuocity: Very light and fun music. Really defines Main Street.

              10. Soarin': This score is beautiful & makes the need for narration go away.

              9. Wishes: Very powerful song & has such a magical ending.

              8. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience: I absolutly love the music associated with Hista. Everything from the Postshow Music, the show itself, to the preshow music (including the old True Colors music). The person who made this was a genious.

              7. Sorcery in the Sky: Such a great compilation of music & I loved how the whole thing had one central tune to it tieing the whole thing together.

              6. Fantasmic: Most specificially, the very begining and very end. This music is magic at it's best.

              5. Old RoE Preshow Music (Montezuma, Flute Battle, Inca Dance, Superwasp & Imeland): This was the type of music that made me sing along & almost dance before RoE started. The music was so great & so fun.

              4. Spaceship Earth: Another very powerful score. Each music piece fits the scene. And I love the climax of the score (the part at the top of the sphere).

              3. Universe of Energy: I feel that this is the best attraction score ever made. The person who created this piece was simply a genious. And I love how this music is pumped very loudly.

              2. Tapestry of Nations: The best parade score ever made. Again, genious. The beat, the pride, the magesty....all fantastic. I love that the whole thing revolves around the same beat. Also, one of my favorite parts is the lighter part in the middle where the puppets used to stop & just dance around for a minute.

              and of number ONE.......................

              1. Reflections of Earth: Pure genious. I feel that this is the best musical score made anywhere, for anything, by anyone. The music is so powerful & the message is so strong. Even if no fireworks launched & no barges worked, I would still go see this show just to listen to the music. Imo, nothing comes anywhere close to this score.

              Originally posted by MickeyMania
              I know the Epcot entrance loop is supposed to be attractions music, but then there's that song that you hear on the main Epcot page ( ? Which ride is that from? As I said before, that chorus always sounds like John Williams & orchestra arrived out of nowhere.
              According to this site, the loop is...
              1. Epcot 2001 Theme 1.
              2. Imagination Institute Theme.
              3. Epcot 2001 Theme 2.
              4. One Little Spark.
              5. Epcot 2001 theme 3.
              6. Golden Dream.
              7. Epcot 2001 Theme 4.
              8. The Living Seas Theme.
              9. Ellen's Energy Adventure Theme.
              10. Epcot 2001 Theme 5.
              (And recently, Soarin's theme has also been added). My guess is that it's just general Epcot music.
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                Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                I love the EPCOT entrance loop - or at least the version I've downloaded.


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                  Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                  I find all of the Epcot music to be the best, even though I miss many of the older pieces from show/attractions/rides that were taken away.

                  But there's still so much great stuff. I'd put ROE first because it's so stirring and hits on many different levels. But I also love American Adventure, Impressions de France, Soarin ... there's just so much.


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                    Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                    In no order (and only including current titles):

                    Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Reflections of Earth, EPCOT entrance medley, EPCOT background music, American Adventure, Ellen's Energy Adventure, Fatasmic!, Main Street Music, and Spaceship Earth.

                    If older music is included, the old pre-Illuminations music would be added, as well as the World of Motion (love the variations!), the Timekeeper, the original EPCOT entrance music, and the original Imagination music.

                    There's just so much good music...but it seems EPCOT really takes the cake when it comes to music!
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                      Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                      10: Space Mountain tunnel music,

                      9: Spaceship Earth descent music,

                      8: Splash Mountain,

                      7: Haunted Mansion - Grim Grinning Ghosts,

                      6: Fantasmic,

                      5: Innoventions Plaza Music,

                      4: Illumination - Pre music,

                      3: Epcot Entrance Loop,

                      2: Ellen's Energy Adventure Theme,

                      And finally my all time number one! (I don't think it is possible to create a piece of music that is better than this, Ever!)

                      1: Illuminations; Reflections of Earth. It is amazing.

                      I am also starting to become quite fond of the Soarin' theme, there are two versions of the main show that have been released, one is with just the music and the other is with the effects added in (such as the gofl ball etc) I have been listening to this quite frequently but I don't think it makes my top ten.


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                        Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                        Originally posted by drnilescrane
                        I love the EPCOT entrance loop - or at least the version I've downloaded.
                        Heh, yes it is nice, and fun at first, but try listening to it over and over for eight hours a day, five days a week, and then see if you still like it. I gotta admit it is one of the better entrance themes, but I just had to listen to it a little too much while I was a Greeter.

                        My top ten favorite Disney World tunes are:

                        10. Columbia Harbor House Loop - "Oh, got a whale of tale to tell ya lads..."
                        9. Spaceship Earth - Top Tunnel: Very inspiring!
                        8. Rockin Rollercoaster Track -3 song combo - Classic Rock = Supreme Ride!
                        7. Innoventions Loop: Nice combo of techno songs!
                        6. Millenium Celebration Theme - The theme song that started my love of Disney Theme Parks "Celebrate the future hand in hand!"
                        5. Soarin': It really is a catchy tune!
                        4. Festival of the Lion King - Performed live and completely awesome!
                        3. Mickey's Philharmagic: Classic Disney!
                        2. Fantasmic!: Love it in CA, love it in FL
                        1. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, Yup I love it too, I watched the show countless times while I worked at the International Gateway, and I never got tired of it.

                        I love the theme park tracks, for my money; it doesn't get any better than this!
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                          Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                          10- Ellen's Energy Adventure
                          9- Fantasmic!
                          8- Star Tours
                          7- Spaceship Earth
                          6- Main Street USA
                          5- Space Mountain's queue
                          4- Soarin
                          3- #1 By David Shea (BGM Innoventions)
                          2- Behind the Waterfall...old New Tomorrowland music still being played in EPCOT at Fountain View Expresso.
                          1- Caribbean Plaza.


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                            Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                            Find the Living with the Land Line Queue BGM. It's amamzing. The flutes. It's perfect. I need it.


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                              Re: Top Ten pieces of music at WDW

                              Now that you mention that...the Land's (old) BG Loop was great too!


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