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Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

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  • Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

    OK. I am a disney fan. We have already started picking dates for our 2009 trip with the whole family.

    But this is a story worth sharing.

    We went to Disney, and there were 16 of us all together from Hawaii, New York, and Florida. We used the "Photo Pass" system (which is great). We collected our cards and had them make a disk for us ($100) then flew home. We looked at the pictures, and couldn't be more pleased...until...

    My wife went online to email some pics. When she logged in online, she found that they had missed a card. There were 15 pictures not in our cd collection.

    She wrote the Photo Pass people an email and the next day they said she could purchase another CD at $100. So she called the Photo Pass people at WDW. The website is run by a third party. Not only did they redo a disk for us with ALL of the groups pictures, but they FED EXed it to us and we received it the next day.

    Great service from beginning to end, even after you leave. I love Disney.

    It seems that you read all the bad stories and problems...sometimes it's nice to hear when everything goes right, isn't it?

    Mark Bee
    Host of the Internationally Syndicated
    Radio Program "Blades Of Blue"!

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    Re: Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

    Wonderful story, thanks for sharing! This is the type of thing that puts Disney and it's employees a step above the rest.

    "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
    Mark Twain


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      Re: Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

      I'm so happy for you!! Glad you got the pics and glad that they lived up to the Disney ideal.


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        Re: Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

        Markbee, that is a great ending to a fantastic trip it sounds like!Glad every thing went well for you.:yea: :thumbup:
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          Re: Disney Wins my Heart AGAIN!

          Great story! Thanks for sharing.

          One of the most important things I've learned about Disney is that if you want something, ask nicely and you'll probably get it.