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Multi-Day Hopper ticket question


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  • Multi-Day Hopper ticket question

    To All,

    I have a quick question that I am sure somone here can answer for me... Anyway, I am going down to Disney this wednesday, and I have a ticket I bought from 2000. It was a 5 day park hopper pass. I used the ticket last in the summer of 2004, and now I want to finish it when I go down in a couple of days... My problem is that I dont remember if I have 1 day or 2 days left on it. Is there somewhere I can go within disney to find out?

    Also, I remember at one point, I could take my old ticket, and give it to the disney person, and purchase a new park hoper ticket, and they would take what remaining days I had and apply it to the price of my new ticket... Are they still doing that?

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    Re: Multi-Day Hopper ticket question

    As I understand it, any WDW ticket window can check your ticket, determine what's left on it, and apply it to new ticket media.

    Wherever you plan to use your ticket, I suggest you arrive early to avoid long lines at the ticket window and avoid being rushed to consider your options.


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      Re: Multi-Day Hopper ticket question

      I'm kinda late adding here, but hopfuly not too late. You can check the number of days left on your ticket at any ticket or guest relation window (and even at disney hotels too).

      You can still use the ticket as normal for the days left, but if you do use it to buy a new ticket, you will only get the value of what you bought it for. So one day on your old pass may not mean one day on your new pass.

      And if you have not already, make sure you look into to all the Magic Your Way ticket options as they are very flexable, but can catch you off guard if you do not understand them.
      Thank You for dropping by my post. I do hope you enjoyed your stay....


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