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"Blue Sky" Reduex?


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  • "Blue Sky" Reduex?

    Okay, two days and I've managed to make a sufficient pest of myself to where I can start posting threads. Hopefully.

    I won't lie to you. This term "Blue Sky" is new to me, as I've only started in the past month researching what goes into making rides and Themed Attractions. I'm obsesed with it now. A cursory search of the forums didn't reveal anything similar to what I'm about to post so I presume this is something that hasn't been done before, or at least, in last few months.

    What would you do to an existing ride to make it better? Simple enough. For the sake of argumewnt, we're going to say your not constrained by budget or popularity of the ride. No statsitics, marketing data or anything like that need be involved. This is purely for the creative side or you. I don't know if refurbrishing an existing ride is called Blue Sky or not, but for the intents and purposes of this thread, it's shares all the same funtionality.

    In fact, I won't even limit you to existing rides. How would you tell the story of an old ride to make it more entertaining for the new generations? At the moment I'm contemplating redoing The Carosuel of Progress. I love the rotating theater concept, but it needs an newer edge.

    I' just curious as to your thoughts. Be as detailed as you want. I hope that you feel free to be as creative as you want to be. It is, after all, just for fun.

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    Re: &quot;Blue Sky&quot; Reduex?

    I liked Mission: Space quite a bit because I've wanted to be an astronaut since I can remember! I imagine M:S will be the closest I'll ever get to that dream, so riding it for me was a real thrill. So, how would I improve M:S?

    Well, first I'd make the screens bigger - maybe making them look like real viewports, rather than TV monitors. If need be, I'd move back the control panel (keeping the joystick where it is) slightly to avoid the eyestrain of being too close!

    Next, the movie...
    1. Give the riders a choice, by vote, of what adventure they would like to go on. Maybe one choice would be a mild ride: fly by the Moon and explore its dark side. Another might be more wild: a mission to save the crew of a crippled space station, for example. The possibilities are endless here.
    2. Make the video more realistic than what it is. Higher res would be nice!

    I'll think of some other ideas and post 'em here as they pop into my puny head.


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      Re: &quot;Blue Sky&quot; Reduex?

      The term you're looking for is Armchair Imagineering. Blue Sky is the predevelopment phase in which Imagineers are free to present any and all ideas.

      While at the World I had two ideas regarding Tomorrowland. I thought it'd be cool if a Tomorrowland revived the subs and placed part of the track around the front entrance from the hub. The showrooms would be double leveled, as in subs under walkway height attractions.

      The other was thinking of a way to do a double decker Carousel Theater. However, I have yet to figure it out.


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        Re: &quot;Blue Sky&quot; Reduex?

        Armchair Imagneering. Hey, apprently I've been doing that for years! And with beer and potato chips. LOL <sigh>

        Anywho, I like the idea of a double decker CoP or similar. In fact....hmmm...I'll get back to you.

        I wonder if there is technical reason behind the close proximity of the Mission: SPACE monitors. I've always presumed that technology that can spin that fast and stay in one piece must have some techncal limitations.

        A variation on the Space adventure would work though. Each advanture would have to follow the same timing, but it oculd provide for some more unique experiences. That seems to what people want out of their adventures. Variety.


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