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Books about WDW


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  • Books about WDW

    I've come across various books about Disneyland and I came across one book on my last visit to WDW that I should have bought but was running low on cash at the time.

    I'm interested in any books that anyone can suggest that would make a great coffee table type book about disney world.

    I'd like great pictures, stories and details about the rides, the hidden easter eggs in the parks, history of the parks, etc... Maybe a book about what it was like to work at Disney during it's golden time. My father and uncle both worked there when it opened and have told me some wonderful stories. I've also come across a website from someone who worked there way back detailing his experiences working on all the classic rides that are no longer there.

    Can anyone recommend any great books that cover these type situations?

    The history of the development of Disney World is one of the more intriguing histories to me, especially since I had family who worked there from day 1. This may seem strange, but I actually have a desire that if I ever won the lottery and could afford to do it, to go work in one of the parks for a year or so just to get a backstage look at everything. I'm sure the situation would actually disapoint me in the long run from what I've heard lately, but I'd still do it.

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    Re: Books about WDW

    I recommend checking as many used book stores as you can find. I've managed to build quite a collection of Disney books and I got many of them from used book stores. People often buy these books or get them as gifts and soon lose interest.

    I bought a copy of "Since the World Began" during my last WDW visit. It's starting to become a bit dated, but still worthwhile. My wife dragged me into a traveling Disney merchandise liquidation store last summer and I picked up "A Pictorial Memory of Walt Disney World". I found a very large and very cool book about Epcot at a local used book store. It shows the design, construction and opening of Epcot. It's called "Walt Disney's Epcot".

    While on a business trip in Louisiana years ago, I wandered into a used book store and found "The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World". This book is from the 1970's and has some great pictures of bygone attractions as well as bygone fashions worn by guests.

    You can also find many Disney books on Ebay, but be cautious. I've seen some of these books go for a price higher than retail (this might be OK for a rare book now out of print).

    I find collecting Disney Books very rewarding. It's quite cool to browse the shelves and pull out whatever sounds interesting at the moment. There's no shortage of books about Disney parks. You just have to keep looking.


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      Re: Books about WDW

      I have bought the majority of my books on Ebay, and I have only payed and outragous amount of money for one of them..... seeing as it was out of print.

      my suggestions include:

      Walt Disney's EPCOT Center: Creating the World of Tommorow.

      Designing Disney by John Hench

      Designing Disney Theme Parks: The architecture of Reassurence

      Haunted Mansion from Magic Kingdon to Movie

      Pirates of the Carribean from Magic Kingdom to Movie

      Since The World Began

      There are more I could mention, but I a not sure if you are looking for Imagineering based books or just books with fun facts about the Reasort. let me know if you would like more titles
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        Re: Books about WDW

        I also have Since the World Began, and the Pictorial Memory.
        Although costly, the Disneyland 6 CD set came with a great coffee table book: The Sounds of Disneyland. I suppose if you got it, you could also listen to Disney Music while reading the book!:thumbup:


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          Re: Books about WDW

          I think I'll start with "Since the world began" and then look at some of those new imagineering books that are coming out now. I think they're called the field guides.


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