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Wonders of Weather?


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  • Wonders of Weather?

    As everyone knows, Wonders of Life closed recently, leaving a reasonably large plot of land free. I think that the space should be used to make a Weather Pavilion that is fun for the whole family, and very kinetic.

    Okay, here we go!

    The Wonders show building is kept, but made clear like glass.
    Where the DNA tower stands, a large fountain is erected with a cloud at the top raining down onto the fountain. The Florida sun will condense some water on a Summer day to a cool mist and weather noises (wind, rain, thunder) will play near the pavilion to attract people.

    Once inside, a colourful atmosphere awaits. Fun and interactive elements are incorporated into the pavilion. Floating clouds "rain" on people periodically, lights shine up at the roof of the clear building, reflecting different moods inside and outside the pavilion. Hi tech weather equipment is incorporated into the surroundings seamlessly. In parts, winds blow at different intensities. A relaxing music loop is played. Aeroplanes (explained later) whizz through the buildings. There is a great deal of circulating water.

    The attractions:
    Kids playground- children finally have a playground at Epcot. They can slide down a zig-zagged thunder slide, play with pop jets, bounce in a cloud and roleplay in a "scientific weather station" There will be a Kidcot Funstop here.

    Dark ride- In a research facility built onto the side of the pavilion, guests take a tour through the weather labs, where they visit different extremes of weather, from warm areas, to windy, to raining and a Winter area (with snow!). However, in the Disney tradition something goes wrong and we take a detour through machinery, eventually seeing the worst of weather, like thunder and lightning, and a tidal wave(would you classify that as weather?), before escaping and coming back to the station slightly ruffled.

    Theatre Show- A more serious film showing the dangers of Ozone Depletion, Acid Rain and Global Warming and how to prevent it

    Turbulence!- I toyed with the obvious of idea of Stormrider, but as a more original substitute, I came up with Turbulence! My idea: you are on a scale model of a jet plane as it takes off. It is quite gentle, and you glide through the pavilion's rooftops, however, as you enter a show building, you go through turbulence and start rocking quite violently. Much to the surprise of everyone, the plane's walls and roofs "break off"(perhaps they open up and go into a hidden position. You twist and fall in the dark and start heading up to a tornado effect. Your vehicle starts to buckle and you start spinning slowly around the tornado, before breaking loose at great speed, and zooming through the pavilion, before coming into your departure point. You step off and the plane goes into a tunnel, where the roof slots back on for the next group of passengers.

    There you go. It provides thrills, family fun, stuff for the kids, and the somewhat dry but entertaining Epcot film.

    What do you think? Please suggest alternatives and (constructive) criticism.

    Phew...that was a long one:sleep:

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    Re: Wonders of Weather?

    I like the idea for the dark ride and the theme as a whole, but not all of the elements. It's an idea I could embrace.


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      Re: Wonders of Weather?

      Could be interesting.


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        Re: Wonders of Weather?

        Wow! You really have put alot of thought into this. We need to get this plan over to Imagineering NOW!!

        I really like weather "stuff" (shh...don't tell anyone but I like the Weather Channel) so I would really enjoy this - I especially like Turbulance!


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          Re: Wonders of Weather?

          I like it, it is simple, but fun and a reasonable plan! I like the dark ride'd be interesting to see if the pavillion allows for a dark ride and the old Body Wars too...
          ...personally I say ship the Body Wars sims to HKDL for Star Tours.
          It's nice!

          I'd love to see Disney's old plans for the weather pavillion some time.


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            Re: Wonders of Weather?

            Great ideas. How creative. I would definuitely enjoy that pavilion. thumbs up.
            Originally posted by aashee
            We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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              Re: Wonders of Weather?

              Thank you for your comments:bow:


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                Re: Wonders of Weather?

                I like the idea but hate to have to give up one good idea for another. I guess that WDW is running out of space... HA HA.

                Well, I would say that pavilions with a focus is the trend of the present. I like the weather idea, but you probably should focus on one really good aspect. I wonder what it would be like to go through a tornado. Snow is not a good topic since so many guest are from the great north and are getting away from snow when they come to Florida. Hurricanes are interesting, but since Florida gets real ones, it might not be a great idea.

                On the other hand, the Earthquake ride at Universal in LA was always popular.
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