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"A Dream Called Walt Disney World"


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  • "A Dream Called Walt Disney World"

    Did anyone else ever own or rent this VHS tape from 1981? I used to rent it all the time, and when the internet finally came around it was one of my first purchases on Ebay. I just watched it the other day again, and I still have all of it memorized. Does anyone else love this look at WDW from the early 80s?

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    I rented it from my local Family Video for free along with a WDW planning video from 1993.


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      I have it at home on VHS. My dad bought it on our first visit to WDW in the early 80's. We watch it at home every once in a while. WDW sure has changed a lot,still the same magic! (Great way to remember 20K leagues, my beloved Skyway, rockets, WED People mover, although there's no mention of If You Had Wings, DAMN loved that ride!, Jungle Cruise when shot guns were fired, the canoes, Flowers all over Main Street, and of course not so many annoying stores inside the park)

      It's funny to see how things change in terms of people visitng. In the early 80's you could see all family members enjoying the park as a whole family, nowadays all you see is family members breaking up, while communicating with each other thru walkie talkies. Now the pace of our lives is so fast that we don't take time to really enjoy and relax.

      I also have one of the first Epcot Centrer VHS's: Walt Disney World Epcot Center, A Souvenir program. Still rocks, and still love the 1982-83 Epcot Center. The VHS is also in good condition, but it is so old that they announce Horizons as the best new attraction opening soon. lol Only sketches were available at the time of the program recording.

      I believe these are collectors items that will be with me for as long as I live.


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        I own that video today.

        It sure provides a nice nostalgic look at WDW's past...and it has a great song at the beginning as well.


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          I also have this tape in my collection. It's a Gem.


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            Originally posted by BigmacX
            I have it at home on VHS.
            I also have one of the first Epcot Centrer VHS's: Walt Disney World Epcot Center, A Souvenir program.
            LOL: yes, I remember those tapes, I can hear the voiceover guy in my head now.

            OK i am gonna dig these two up... I have both of them on VHS.

            Anything new out there on DVD that anyone would recommend?


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