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Small World refurb notes


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  • Small World refurb notes

    I was able to go to MK on Monday evening, and got in several rides. I hadn't planned to go on Small World, but everything was busy with Spring Breakers and I thought I'd go just to check it out. Around 6PM, the time was estimated at 45 minutes, but the line was very quick moving, and it took less than 20 to get in, even after a couple loops outside.

    Overall, yes the place was spruced up nicely. The water looked nice enough to drink [well, no, but it was cleaner than any other ride I've ever seen at WDW].

    What I was very disappointed in was the state of the animatronics. There were several that were not working! After being closed for who-knows-how-long, I just assumed that these simple little robots would actually be working. Well, big surprise there. I didn't go in with a critical eye, but right away I noticed one, which made me find several more.

    -- One of the Norway boy robots was missing entirely! There was a sad Norway girl spinning and dancing all alone.
    -- There was another Norway boy who wasn't kicking.
    -- There were at least 2 'chorus girls' whose mouths weren't moving at all. Only noticeable since they in groups of 4 and the other 3 were ok.
    -- One of the birds in a group of 3 or 4 in Central/South America, just sat on her branch, stone dead, while all the others squawked away happiily.

    Maybe minor details, but after a lengthy renovation, you'd think they would have gotten it right. It's just a motor, people!! Maybe a little 3-in-1 oil.


    PS--Stich's Escape is just stupid. In case you haven't heard.
    PPS--Haunted Mansion is *really* due for an update, too. I hope they do something good with it while it's down.

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    I have heard many things about the IASW since it re-opened. Many of them can be found in Kevin's article here: But I just had a question. One of my Cast Members said that the song has changed and the kids now only sing the chorus and no verses. He also mentioned they only sing in English at the end, but I seem to remember it being that way before the refurb. I was just curious if the chorus thing was true. Can anyone let me know? Thanks!


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