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How much progress for WDW

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  • How much progress for WDW

    I was wondering about a resonable a pace for WDW expansion. With WDW's many parks, each park should get an addition every other year. That means two of the parks would have something new to see each year. I think this is the bare minimum. I would love to see each park get something new each year, but with the tightwads running the place, I know it won't happen.

    Now I know some say Disney is poor and cannot afford such improvements. All I can say is Walt Disney put in 5 to 6 attractions EACH YEAR after Disneyland started until the sixties. He put in the Monorail, Matterhorn and the Submarines the same year! Today the Disney Corporation makes twenty times the income. Right now Disney is building DVC hotel rooms like there is a Florida housing crisis. There does not seem to be any cash shortage for Saratoga Springs.

    So I believe that my suggested pace is reasonable. Do you agree?
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    Re: How much progress for WDW

    They are currently in a cycle of ramping down the rampant expansion, although they've never defined it beyond "no new parks." Whether that means Everest is the last ride opening we'll see in a while or not, I have no idea. But Lasseter seems absolutely ecstatic about movie-based attractions being built before the movie arrives in theaters, so chances are WDW's existing parks will see a lot of changes, particularly in MK and MGM, which is fine with me because I think that's where they need it most.


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      Re: How much progress for WDW

      I don't see why Disney can't make a ride each year- they are a 32 billion dollar corp- I honestly find it ridiculous they don't update shows like F! and stage shows more often, too.

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        Re: How much progress for WDW

        I think we're going to see some progress in the Disney parks soon with new management. I'm not so worried about new major rides as I am about refurbishing what's already there first. I'll go park by park.

        Magic Kingdom:

        Tomorrowland desperately needs work. Space Mountain needs a refurbish, they need to do something in the timekeeper spot, work on the people movers, and do something with autopia at the very least.

        Haunted Mansion needs a refurbishment as a lot of the stuff is out of sync and just starting to look very dated.

        I haven't ridden it lately, but I understand the effects inside Splash Mountain aren't working either.

        Pirates is getting a refurb, and Jungle Cruise needs one as well.


        FutureWorld is in dire need of some updating. It feels more like 1992 world in there than a future world. However, SSE is in the process of a refurb as is the Living Seas in some sort. WOL has been closed and there's rumors that UoE is going to get some sort of update soon. Beyond that if they would just update the displays in innovations and do something new over in Imaginations then Epcot would at least be what it used to be.

        I know that sounds like almost a complete wipe of Future World, but it needs it desperately. Make the place feel like future world again please. The World Showcase is in much better condition but it could use getting at least one more ride over there. Maelstrom is nice and the Mexico ride is laughable, but at least it's there. There needs to be some other sort of ride in that portion of the park somewhere.


        MGM isn't in horrid shape, but there's whole sections of the park that just seem barren. Bring back the animators in the animation studio, do something over near the ABC pavilion and get rid of that horrible Drew Carey show. Also see if there's anyway to give us a backlot tour again. I still enjoy the water show, but aside from the special effect portion the backlot tour is boring. It doesn't help that the brochure talking about the ride still talks about all the houses and set pieces you'll see.

        Other than that, that parks still pretty good. I still enjoyed the Indiana Jones show. The new stunt show was a wonderful show, if they could only improve the queue for it somehow. ToT is great as is RnRC. I'd like to see something better dealing with Narnia than the sneak preview they gave, but we'll see. And I still love the Great Movie Ride.

        Animal Kingdom:

        Being the newest park, DAK doesn't need quite as much work as the other parks do. This is one where I think expansion would work. The other parks are big enough, but this ones a little small, but the work I'd call for here is minimal.

        The Dinosaur area I don't like. Maybe it's because I don't have kids. The kids may love this area, to me it was a let down. I wanted to see it themed like an archeological dig area and the whole parking lot carnival thing just didn't work for me.

        Do something with Camp Minney Mickey. This portion of the park isn't even worth visiting. Something great needs to go in over there.

        Other than that however, DAK is pretty good with the addition of Everest.


        So, if ideas anywhere near that are on the plate at all, I don't really see much room for new expansion. Now in some cases (such as the MGM area and FutureWorld) at Epcot I can see some new rides coming in, but for the most part, they just need to update or refurbish what's already there first. IMO, if they were to follow even 3/4 of what I listed it would take somewhere from 5-10 years to do it all.

        To me, it's much more important to keep what we already have pristine and exciting than to try to build new stuff and let the old stuff fall apart.


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          Re: How much progress for WDW

          Originally posted by kcnole
          I think we're going to see some progress in the Disney parks soon with new management. I'm not so worried about new major rides as I am about refurbishing what's already there first.
          To me, it's much more important to keep what we already have pristine and exciting than to try to build new stuff and let the old stuff fall apart.
          Amen on this. While new rides and shows are nice, I would much rather see the park be refurbished and brought back to the standars that it was once was kept at, than worry about new things being put in. Let's get the things that are there all working and looking good again. Also hire more cm's. Once that is taken care of then I have to agree with the idea that they can afford to add a new ride or show (or at least redo older attractions when needed) every year to at least one park.
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            Re: How much progress for WDW

            I made a very similar post to kcnole's a while back in another thread:


            And all four parks really do need significant work.

            DAK -- replace CMM with a genuine, "complete" land. I don't care if its Beastly Kingdomme, or North America, or Austrailia, or whatever. Just put a real land in there with real attractions. Lower priority but it would help: Pull out DinoRama and come up with something better.

            D/MGM -- Give us an Indy ride, update Star Tours and backlot tour, spruce up fantasmic, add a Narnia attraction and maybe the Incredibles ride should go here too.

            MK: Fix Tomorrowland; put a real attraction (Ariel dark ride?) back by Ariel's grotto and behind the Pooh playground where 20K used to be. And then just do basic maintenance everywhere.

            Epcot -- basically everything in FW could use some sort of upgrade except for M:S, The Land, and I presume Living Seas since it's rehab is already in progress.
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