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Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2


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  • Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

    Hi Everyone!
    Last time from our trip report #1 on Feb 22, 2006, we talked about returning back to our resort from our Castle photo session ....
    Limo driver called us around 8:15 am and we got right into the limo(it's actually my first time being in a limo). As soon as we arrived at Polynesian resort and left the limo, we met our Photographer Randy and he showed us the way to main lobby . Our wedding assistant Karen and Rev Jack Day were already there waiting for us. Jack was stunned by my bride's beautiful dress. He then told us not to worry about the procedure as he will take care of it. After the briefing, Karen drove us to the Sunset Pointe, which is outside Polynesian, with a golf cart. Lots of Polynesian resort guests greeted us on our way.

    It was indeed a very sunny day. Randy said my bride's hidden mickey-shaped necklace was sparkling all over . After the ceremony, We then had Mickey & Minnie greeting at us and had our cake cut altogether. I asked Mickey when he's gonna marry Minnie, he just raised his arm and shook his palm hand ...hehehe .. Minnie, on the other hand, shrug her shoulders with disappointment. (Mickey is not a very responsible mouse :P) We took lots of photos with the characters , the only -ve thing was that it's too sunny, we can barely have our eyes opened.
    Before Mickey/Minnie left, they presented us a beautiful pair of watches and Disney marriage certificate.

    We actually booked out photography session for 2 hours with Randy, so after our photo-taking with Mickey/Minnie, we went to
    Grand Floridian resort for more photos. We took pictures in the main entrance, lobby, beach and garden. From place to
    place, many guests took photos of us. (We felt like Hollywood star! :-D). A little girl even shouted out loud "Mommy, Cinderella!".
    By the time we finished it's almost noon time, so we head back to our resort , changes clothes and head to Epcot & have some
    fun for the afternoon. We had dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table in Magic Kingdom on the next day. The restaurant presented
    us a set of champaign glasses (with "Cinderella Royal Table" label on them) as our honeymoon gift.

    We have put some of our fav photos on my updated website . Feel free to to give us feedback on my guestbook ,or reply to
    this post:

    That's it for now.
    Our Wedding slideshows

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    Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

    Wonderful report! Gives great ideas for those of us on here who are thinking of a fairy tale wedding!

    The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to both of you!
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      Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

      i hope you dont think this rude... but i really would like to know how much this all cost?
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        Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

        Wonderful! I LOVE the pictures of you two with Mickey and Minnie. I think my favorite are of the bride kissing Mickey and Mickey and the groom fighting over the bride. (I also can see myself in the exact same place.) But yes, wonderful! Thank you again for sharing.


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          Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

          gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a marvelous time. The hidden mickey neckace and earrings are really beautiful. Having a wedding at WDW would be my dream wedding too!
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            Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

            Congrats on your wedding! Great pics and great presentation of them on your website! Thanks for sharing...


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              Re: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Report Part 2

              This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Am I the only one who didn't know you could do this? It seems to be the most romantic way to marry-- as obvious as this is, it is just like a fairytale! Well congrats- it looks like it was a wonderful time!


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